The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) craze is not over and will continue. This dynamic technology duo exists and benefits businesses positively. AR and VR technologies are exceeding expectations in terms of creating engaging user experiences. Using these technologies has a unique way to increase brand engagement and create new ways to interact with services and products. If your business has not yet experimented with AR or VR technology, explore the implementation directions that Tech Town recommends right below.

Product trial and free trial

What’s the point of sending hundreds of samples in the mail when customers can test them on site using AR and VR technology for a very low cost?


Your business can build an AR/VR system that allows customers to “try out” products in a virtual environment – making it easier for them to move through the purchase journey. This saves your business an exorbitant investment in products or prototypes. You will be interested in the extent to which your “real” customers want to help you and provide you with information. Innovative brands are now using AR and VR technologies to offer customers trial experiences in the following industries:

  •     Retail: Try on new makeup, clothes, shoes, furniture,…
  •     Car: Test drive.
  •     Real Estate: Show potential buyers around a property without leaving the office.
  •     Construction: Show customers home improvement/finishing items before breaking ground.
  •     Game: Introduce products to new players.
  •     Travel: Provide a money-saving virtual travel experience.
  •     Hotel: Show guests inside the hotel before booking.
  •     Software proof of concept (PoC).
  •     Recruit locally, nationally and globally.
  •     Education: Almost any education can adapt to AR/VR.


The possibilities for using AR/VR technology for free trials and product testing are endless. Creating a virtual trial experience can save businesses time and money, as well as increase the likelihood of customers completing a purchase. Instead of answering customers’ questions about a product with simple words, use AR or VR to show customers what their purpose, service, or personal experience should be. At the same time, customers can develop stronger relationships with products or services in a virtual environment, increasing purchase rates.

Provide a richer user experience

Be the leader in this era by emphasizing immersive, immersive user experiences (UX). Implement AR or VR technologies into your business or website to give users unforgettable UXs that speak for themselves, their friends and family. Something as simple as a virtual tour of your facility in 3D can be enough to increase clicks and reduce bounce rates. Use a fun, immersive experience to resonate and get people talking about your brand.


If your business works with the right AR/VR developer for your website, it’s possible to create a personalized UX based on a user’s past shopping habits. For example, your e-commerce store might offer an AR dressing room that recommends different items of clothing that users can “try on” based on previous purchases. You can take related products and recommendations to the next level with AR and VR technology.

Personalized training system for employees

The focus on personalization has grown in business as brands discover the benefits of tailoring the user experience to achieve more engagement. However, personalization isn’t just valuable in the consumer realm – it’s also creating waves of influence internally. Personalizing the employee experience can have incredible results, especially when it comes to recruiting, training, and retaining employees. AR and VR offer exciting new ways to deliver personalized training experiences to your employees, potentially boosting productivity and cutting HR costs.


AR and VR make it possible for companies to develop personalized training programs that can enhance learner engagement. Employees have more fun learning and “feeling” the concepts they will implement at work. Putting employees in a virtual environment can create immediate interaction, increase employee retention rates, and implement what they learn later.


AR/VR in the workplace is more than just an idea, Walmart, Verizon, and JetBlue have been using STRIVR technology to change the way they train employees. STRIVR uses simulators to put employees in a real-life environment where they can test their ability to handle work-related scenarios.


Employers can then score their efforts and comment on changes or suggestions to apply to similar real-world situations in the future. If your company could benefit from better employee training or retention, consider an immersive AR or VR program to do the trick.

Engage Millennial Users

Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are the largest generation in American history. They are among the most important consumer groups for most businesses, with an estimated $10 trillion in spending over their lifetime. Millennials are also very unique in what they respond to when it comes to branding and advertising. They are the first generation of “digital roots” and care about businesses keeping this in mind.


One of the fastest ways to win the hearts of shoppers is to provide a modern e-commerce experience. Millennials love technology, they value experience and excitement. Combine all three elements of this wish list by taking visitors into an AR or VR shopping experience.


Engage and impress young audiences by implementing AR and VR user experiences on your website. Just make sure your technology works well and doesn’t have any bugs, because millennials will get annoyed if technology doesn’t work the way it should. Leave a spot on your site for the younger generation to do a “quick fix” for you – and they’ll do it for free. Millennials are more likely to help you than any other population. Ask – provide the method – and they will help you.


Millennials also appreciate authenticity. Don’t implement an existing AR/VR experience, make it special for your brand. Customize your own alternate reality feature to make it unique to the brand.

Break the mold and stand out from the competition

Your virtual or augmented reality technology doesn’t need to be particularly complicated. Something as simple as building your own AR/VR app can be enough to set yourself apart from the competition. Gaining a competitive edge is all that other brands haven’t done yet. AR and VR are still relatively new, so chances are your competitors aren’t taking full advantage of these technologies yet. Beat them with early AR/VR adoption – it’s very doable.


Get creative with AR or VR technology. Ask your team – or an outsourced provider – to create a fun and immersive game for your customers to play. Ask customers to submit their email addresses to access the game, helping you build a contact list for campaigns. It’s a simple example of how you can use AR and VR to stand out from your competitors and as a marketing tool. The possibilities are endless when you start brainstorming ways to have fun with AR and VR.

Help yourself and others

AR and VR present great opportunities not only to increase business profits, but to actually improve the user experience. It is a technology that benefits both parties and participants. Your business can deliver engaging UX, bring people together, improve employee training, and increase customer satisfaction with immersive technology – all while enhancing your reputation and loyalty. brand recognition in its niche.


Innovative brands are using AR and VR to provide more immersive user experiences, let customers try new products, expand employee training programs, and more. AR and VR technologies in practical and affordable ways and enjoy measurable change at the bottom line. Keep exploring all the ways virtual and augmented reality can boost your business.


Hopefully the information Tech Town brings above will be useful for businesses. If your business is looking for a reputable AR VR application development company, a team of highly qualified engineers with reasonable costs, Tech Town is confident to become the right choice for your business.


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