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“Tech Town is a software company from Viet Nam. We are a team of passionate and highly qualified programming engineers, marketers, and designers in the IT field. Tech Town works with the desire to provide our customer with the most advanced and user-friendly software products

We can help you in designing, developing, and maintaining technology platform as requested, as well as solving the issues relating to the Information Technology field that your business is facing.

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What We Actually Do

Ruby On Rails

The web framework that help building and developing the projects faster and more efficient at a reduced costs, time-saving and quickly put your project into operation.

React Native

This amazing framework can help develop applications that can run on both Android and IOS with the same codebase, which help you save time as well as human resource and costs.


This programming language used for updating html css, it is widely used in web applications and is supported in allmost browsers, and can be used with many purposes from improving website features to create applications on website platform, improving user experience.


This language used to find and reformat elements that are generated by markup languages ​​(HTML), it also the language that create the style for the website (colors, fonts, structure, etc.) to make the website more fresh, stylish and professional.

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Our Leadership Team

We are a team of many marketers, technologists, programmers, and designers,
who are passionate, creative, and excellence-oriented in our works

Ms Dieu Huyen


Mr Kataoka Ryota


Mr Cuong Pham


Mr Thao Dang


Ms Jolie Nguyen


Mr Koo Den

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Improve and Innovate
with the Tech Trends

Innovating and changing with the technology trends
We help you remotely build your team of specialized developing engineers that meet your specific requirements

Mobile application development 80%
Website building 95%
UX/UI design 95%