Tech Town was founded by a group of passionate and creative leaders, programmers, designers, marketers, coming from reputable technology companies.

We aim for excellence in the work we do, with the goal of bringing unique, innovative products that make customers feel "awesome" when they touch them. After a period of operation, Tech Town has become a trusted digital partner by many domestic customers and partners from many other countries around the world such as the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore...


Contribute to creating a better world with technology.


Become a trusted technology partner for businesses in their growth journey. We are committed to helping them focus on their core business with peace of mind by providing superior technology products and services and comprehensive support.

TECH TOWN'S core values


    Tech Town always adheres to its special commitment to product quality and project completion time. We constantly strive to do better than expectations to build the trust of our customers.


    At Tech Town, we understand that relationships will firmly on Win-Win criteria.
    + With customers: Customer success also the success of our company.
    + With partners: Find and share cooperation opportunities for the benefit of both parties.


    Working criteria at Tech Town is dedicated to customers, dedicated to work, always trying to perfect every little detail.


    Tech Town upholds the sense of responsibility and considers this a guideline in its activities.
    + Human resources are responsible for their own work.
    + The company is responsible for employees, customers, partners
    + Ensure social responsibility through business ethics and contribute to the development of the community.


    Tech Town always considers our human resources as the most valuable asset, as teammates with the same goal. Tech Town always aims to build an open, friendly working environment, employees are always comfortable expressing their thoughts, opinions and ways of doing things. However, you will always be required to work seriously, with discipline and responsibility for your work, encouraged to learn new knowledge and skills in order to develop yourself as well as to dedicate yourself to the company development.



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22 Street No.30, An Khanh Ward,
District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

+84 81-716-0331

Japan Representative

7F, Honmachi Minami Garden City
3-6-1 Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-Ku,
Osaka, 541-0057, Japan

Mr. Kataoka Ryota

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