Blockchain technology is currently being strongly applied to many areas and industries. Especially the application of Blockchain in Health, Health Care is getting a lot of interest in recent times. Through this article, join Tech Town Learn about the outstanding advantages of Blockchain technology in the health sector.

Medical records management

Today, patient data is often scattered across a variety of medical facilities, making it difficult to access at times of need. Therefore, electronic health records (EHR) are expected to be one of the areas where blockchain has the most powerful and urgent impact.

With blockchain, The healthcare system allows real-time patient data updates across multiple departments and locations, enabling safe and secure storage of medical records.

Blockchain canResolving the problem of completely sharing patient data between medical institutions thanks to the immutability of the blockchain, ensuring patient medical records are always. Blockchain is particularly useful for clinical clinics, where information integrity is a key factor.

Increase security

Traditional management systems at hospitals rely on servers and database systems. Blockchain’s application of distributed systems enables secure and secure data exchange while effectively reducing system management costs. 

Information system Hospitals are often watched by hackers because they contain large amounts of data and have low security. It can be said that the application of blockchain technology is the best solution to improve security in the medical field.

Supply chain tracking and management

According to research by the World Health Organization in January 2018, about 10% of drugs circulating in developing countries are of low quality or are counterfeit. Even in developed countries, at least 1% of drugs on the market are fake.

Poor quality or counterfeit medical products not only have a negative impact on patients and their families, but also pose a threat to drug resistance, adding to the trend associated with loss of ability and the curative power of antibiotics.

Blockchain-based systems can provide chain of custody information for products, allowing managers to track every step of the medical supply chain. In addition to tracking drugs and devices, the system ensures authenticity and facilitates product recalls when needed. In addition, the data transparency feature in the blockchain system also helps to identify the entire origin, helping to eliminate the circulation of counterfeit drugs.

Improve financial health

Blockchain has enormous potential in reducing the amount of fraud, eliminating chargebacks, and creating new ways to manage health insurance and fund health services. Because the less money is wasted, the more profitable businesses will be, which in turn will make health systems better for patients and taxpayers around the world. It can be said that Blockchain can reduce financial errors to a minimum.

Increased interoperability between medical units

Another advantage of applying blockchain to medical data storage is to enhance the interoperability between medical facilities, hospitals and other medical service providers. By authorizing medical facilities to access a common database containing both patient information and hospital records, it is easy to retrieve information and save time on paper handling. sheets in various medical facilities and hospitals.

Avoid Health Insurance Fraud

Blockchain can solve the health insurance fraud problem. The immutable records on the Blockchain are shared with the insurance service provider. After that, the system automatically retrieves the insured person’s data from the invoice (name, ID card, date of birth, address) to verify whether that person has purchased insurance or is a fake person.

Blockchain technology will be a unique application for the medical industry. This will increase the efficiency of the exchange of medical information between multiple parties, provide reliability over time, and eliminate uncontrolled or unreliable data sharing.

Application of Blockchain in Health, Health Care

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