It’s time for SMEs to think about taking advantage of technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to accelerate business growth. Global spending on AR and VR is predicted to reach $160 billion by 2023, and this value can only increase due to post-COVID-19 changes. In this article by Tech Town, let’s take a look at the business advantages that AR and VR bring to SMEs. 

First, what are AR and VR?

Although AR and VR are often used together in the same phrase, there are differences between both technologies. Augmented reality (AR) refers to the projection of virtual information to enhance the viewer’s original environment. On the other hand, virtual reality (VR) is used to refer to the technology that moves the viewer into a completely simulated environment. Regardless, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality both focus on creating immersive digital experiences for users. They deliver real, measurable benefits for businesses looking to drive business growth, as well as other key metrics like conversion rates, retention, and profit margins. 

Here are some of the ways this twin technology has been helping SMEs. 

1. AR/VR for Marketing

The simplest application of AR/VR would be to use them as part of a marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook already have the ability to publish Augmented Reality ads. In addition, these immersive experiences help increase brand awareness, visually differentiate a business from its competitors, and make interacting with customers easier in the social distancing. Google is also rolling out 3D mobile search results for e-commerce platforms. Provided your product is optimized to rank high enough on search engine results pages, this will allow users to use augmented reality to see your product as if it were right before their eyes.    

2. AR/VR to recruit talent

The use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology allows businesses to not only connect with tech-minded candidates but also attract talent from the millennial – multi-generational pool. Some of them may work better in a digital environment while at home. Using VR or AR as part of the hiring process allows businesses to bring complex and unobservable concepts into a clear vision. For example, a healthcare technology company might want to simulate how their revolutionary technology works in the human body.  

If the job requires employees to work in a completely different environment, immersive technology can also provide candidates with an insight into their work context and probable living environment. . This streamlines the hiring process, helps candidates manage their expectations, and better understand the scope of work and their suitability for the position. 

3. AR/VR for employee training

Although AR/VR is currently best known as a tool for customer engagement, these technologies can also be used to enhance the experience at workplace and boost employee’s engagement. As a tool for employee communication, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be used to simulate real-life situations to allow employees to learn new skills without the difficulty of placement, logistics, or real-time pressure from customers or managers. Using AR/VR to train employees is even more appealing for certain risky jobs, allowing new employees to practice their duties without fear of harm or injury. 

In addition, AR can also be used to subsidize training costs. While an initial investment in specialized equipment is often necessary, things like AR/VR headsets or even mobile apps are reusable.

Expanding opportunities with technology best

Selection to implement new technologies in any enterprise will always exists difficulties increasing day by day. However, dedicating a strong team, ample resources and time will bring the results your business deserves. Leveraging advances in technology is the only way to success. In addition to the power of AR and VR technologies, other tools can also be set up to redefine the way your business does business today. 

Tech Town hopes the information provided  will be useful for businesses. If your business is looking for a reputable AR/VR application development company, a team of highly qualified engineers with reasonable costs, Tech Town is confident to become the right choice for your business.

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