Japanese enterprises: Deploying digital transformation to not be left behind

“Digital Failure.” – That’s how Mr. Takuya Hirai – Japan’s former Minister of Digital Transformation described the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Constrained by disparate, unconnected systems, public authorities have struggled to share information between ministries and centrally run cities. Undoubtedly, digital transformation is a top priority for Japanese business leaders amid the country’s […]


What is business digital transformation ? Why is SME digital transformation necessary?

Enterprise digital transformation is a popular concept frequently mentioned in the business community, it represents an inevitable development trend of the current economy. In this article, let’s learn about business digital transformation and the importance of this process. What is business digital transformation ? Digital transformation is the application of digital technology to business activities […]


Artificial intelligence technology trends businesses need to pay attention to in 2022

According to the 2020 McKinsey Global Survey on Artificial Intelligence (AI), more than 50% of companies have adopted AI in at least one business unit or function. AI brings them tremendous value, increasing revenue and customer loyalty. The leading AI companies invest at least 20% of their earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) in AI. […]

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Top 10 digital transformation technologies that are trending today

“Digital transformation” has become a buzzword in business since the covid-19 pandemic, it has redefined the way many businesses operate. The exact definition of digital transformation cannot be captured. It represents the automation or implementation of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, … to help businesses increase operational efficiency. In this article, Tech […]