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As the leading company in developing blockchain applications, we can convert tracsaction to be more secured, more cost-saving, and expandable.
From blockchain applications, we become one of the leading company in developing fintech application. We are trusted by major clients in the finance industry in the world.

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Blockchain technology is a decentralization system where the input data will be synchronized and stored in a computer network instead of one host computer.

Compared with other platform with the same tasks, blockchain is more simple, easy to develop, implement, and use on different devices

In the blockchain system, you don’t need to pay any costs for any third-parties, you can send and receive money immediately

Considered a decentralized ledger system, participants will share a single ledger, so the data in the blockchain is immutable, no one can change it.

Blockchain allows the auditting process of any transaction to be easier than ever. Everyone who is part of the group can have acces to all of the data of that group.

Blockchain conducts a transaction in a faster and more efficient compared to traditional transactions.

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Develop e-wallet system

Develop decentralized application (dApps)

Develop decentralized e-commerce

Consult Blockchain technology

Using blockchain technology in financial activities can help you easily control transactions, improve securiy, fast, and significantly reduce transaction costs.
Real estate
Real estate
Blockchain solved the most challenging issues in the real estate industry such searching, forcasting, or making investment decisions.
Blockchain has a decentralized system that prevent it from being hacked. Data is synchronized and can be accessed 24/7
Blockchain application has solved the most painful issues in transportation service such as slow payment, third-parties
Shipping and logistics
Shipping and logistics
Blockchain allow supply chain activities enhance productivity and optimize costs, ensuring trusted and controllable data
Thanks for the financial and payment solutions, using Blockchain helps e-commerce business become easier than ever.
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Emilia Clarke
Mr. Yuichi
Revolet's representative
"Blockchain will definately be the most remarkable technology because of its big potential. Tech Town Studio is the our partner helping us develop this technology. You have such an amazing service, quickly respond the relating issues. I give you 5 stars for your highly-qualified skills along with advices for the best solution for our Rev-group project. We have cooperated with Tech Town in some other Blockchain projects such as Rev-payment, Revollet, Iques, BookmarkX.. What we received was a highly organized and efficient projects. Thank you for all of your cares and hard works from you!"