Online Marketplace Startup

7 startups and businesses that will shake up the online marketplace by 2022   

Online marketplace is growing at a very fast rate recently, that number is 300% per year (according to Stripe statistics). As competition increases, more time and resources are needed to become more stable in the market. In this article, Tech Town will introduce to you 7 startups capable of conquering the online marketplace in 2022. […]

Cloud Computing Digital transformation

The Role of Cloud Computing in Digital Transformation

Our world is constantly evolving, all businesses are directing their operations to new forms of technology, that’s why digital transformation has become a survival mission. In this revolution, cloud computing plays a key role, it becomes a catalyst for digital transformation. Every company today measures its performance through customer experience, the cloud-enabled and cloud-delivered models […]

Digital transformation Technology

Top 10 digital transformation technologies that are trending today

“Digital transformation” has become a buzzword in business since the covid-19 pandemic, it has redefined the way many businesses operate. The exact definition of digital transformation cannot be captured. It represents the automation or implementation of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, … to help businesses increase operational efficiency. In this article, Tech […]


How to build an Offshore Development Center (ODC) and work efficiently

In 2020, the Information Technology industry continues to reach a higher level of globalization. Many businesses are now tending to build Offshore Development Center (ODCs). Today, this model is considered an upgrade solution for businesses, as it offers more benefits than traditional outsourcing. In this Tech Town article, we go into detailed instructions on how […]