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The Role of Cloud Computing in Digital Transformation

Our world is constantly evolving, all businesses are directing their operations to new forms of technology, that’s why digital transformation has become a survival mission. In this revolution, cloud computing plays a key role, it becomes a catalyst for digital transformation. Every company today measures its performance through customer experience, the cloud-enabled and cloud-delivered models […]


Top 10 digital transformation technologies that are trending today

“Digital transformation” has become a buzzword in business since the covid-19 pandemic, it has redefined the way many businesses operate. The exact definition of digital transformation cannot be captured. It represents the automation or implementation of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, … to help businesses increase operational efficiency. In this article, Tech […]


How to build an Offshore Development Center (ODC) and work efficiently

In 2020, the Information Technology industry continues to reach a higher level of globalization. Many businesses are now tending to build Offshore Development Center (ODCs). Today, this model is considered an upgrade solution for businesses, as it offers more benefits than traditional outsourcing. In this Tech Town article, we go into detailed instructions on how […]



In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, with hundreds of new websites launching every minute, creating a beautiful, well-designed website It is not enough for a business to succeed. Your website should reflect the essence of your brand and create the best user experience. However, this work requires to be performed by someone with experience, technical […]


Building and developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) products according to the Lean startup model

In today’s software development industry, we often know about building processes or software development models such as Scum, Agile, Waterfall or Spiral. What they all have in common is that they standardize each stage of software development, strengthen team cohesion, all for the purpose of making the whole project “smooth”. The lean startup model in […]


Japanese enterprises: Deploying digital transformation to not be left behind

“Digital Failure.” – That’s how Mr. Takuya Hirai – Japan’s former Minister of Digital Transformation described the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Constrained by disparate, unconnected systems, public authorities have struggled to share information between ministries and centrally run cities. Undoubtedly, digital transformation is a top priority for Japanese business leaders amid the country’s […]