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In the era of technology 4.0, almost every hospital, clinic, medical facility large and small owns a website to meet the needs of communication, services and health treatment both public and private. In this article, Tech Town will join you to learn about hospital website design, the role as well as the functions required.

Importance of Hospital Website – Clinic – Dental Room

It is as important as designing hospital space, website design is also essential to help hospitals – clinics attract users’ interests on the Internet. Website design is also necessary to help hospitals – clinics attract the attention of users on the internet. Here, let’s take a look at the benefits if the business owns a professional and beautiful website:

Impress customers.

When communicating with customers, you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression, the website will help you do that well. Of course, it depends on the design of the hospital’s website – whether the clinic is eye-catching and professional or not.

Create trust in customers

Can be sure that users will feel more trusted when visiting hospital websites – clinics – dentist rooms are beautifully designed, modern, clear and logical. Because they see professionalism in investing in the design of the business unit’s clinic website.

Be better known

In the online environment, information sharing is a great tool for affirming brand image and value. If the hospital – clinic – dental office owns a website with a high aesthetic, making a good impression on users, the chances of them sharing your website with other users are very high.

Effective when you design a hospital – clinic – dental website in Tech Town

Effective when you design a hospital – clinic – dental website in Tech Town

The website is the face of business on the internet, and a tool to connect hospitals with patients. It is important when designing the website of the clinic, the hospital is a beautiful, professional interface, easy to manipulate for patients, from which they will have a better view of the brand of the hospital. Therefore, websites for hospitals, medical facilities designed by Tech Town must have the following criteria:

SEO Standard Website

The most important for the website’s communication requirements is the complete SEO configuration. More than website advertising, SEO is essential to optimize the website on search engines and orient the development of service communication as the purpose of clinics and hospitals.

Beautiful and exclusive interface

The introductory website interface is designed exclusively and follows the communication orientation of clinics and hospitals. Because the website is a place where people will visit when they need to visit, the criteria for designing the website interface will also be oriented accordingly, especially with the psychology of visitors, bringing the most comfortable experience for web users.

Compatible with any device

Not only works on computers, websites can also be flexible, compatible with all mobile devices (iOS and Android) or tablets. This will best meet the demand for user web access, especially with the ratio of mobile phone users increasing today.

Integrated advanced features

In addition to the task of introducing medical and health care services, the website can also be integrated with the hospital work support tools. Such as the function of picking up online medical examination numbers, search and selecting doctors, making an appointment schedule, patient management systems … Features will be made according to the requirements and selection of the business.

Fast page loading speed, large traffic

After SEO, speed and website traffic are two paramount factors. As mentioned, the need to learn medical information of users is increasing, leading to a lot of traffic to the site. Therefore, the website must ensure that all the needs of users are met and the load speed is still optimized.

When it comes to page loading speeds. Not only is one of your websites providing medical information, there are many others. Users are often impatient, so they need to use websites that run smoothly and quickly. If that is well met, then it is natural for users to appreciate the quality of the clinic.

Easy Website Management

Tech Town always proposes website design, a clinic for partners with the most optimal tools, meeting easy use criteria, manipulation, perfect SEO configuration, quality content management system , Exact statistical reporting system, absolute guaranteed security. Anyone can become an expert in Website Management designed by Tech Town.

Lifetime maintenance and support

Tech Town always keeps track of all our projects executed even after handovering completely, in order to promptly carry out immediate maintenance of incurred issues. In addition, we will also support advice on lifelong website upgrades.

Especially for the design of the dental website, Tech Town implements 3D Modeling integration into the website to help dentists more closely describe to patients the texture, condition of teeth and appropriate editing directions, bringing high experience value and convenience to dentists and customers.


  • Public hospitals
  • Hospitals affiliated with the Department of Health.
  • Private Hospitals – Private Clinics
  • Hospitals, general clinics, non-public specialties.
  • Medical facilities, medical centers
  • Community health centers, district, district, provincial, municipal health departments,…
  • Medical device trader
  • Trader of medical equipment, pharmaceutical, healthcare products

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