Extremely Popular Javascript Trends In 2022

Frameworks and JavaScript libraries are likened to stars in the galaxy in huge numbers. Luckily, you don’t have to spend your life searching for the right JavaScript framework for your project. All you need to do here is take a look at the top JavaScript trends of 2022, and this Tech Town article will help you understand those trends.

JavaScript Development Trends in 2022

1.   React is still at the top

In 2011, the React library was born to meet the need to maintain Facebook’s growing traffic. The prototype in the early stages of React was called FaxJS. Then in 2013, the React library became an open source project maintained by Facebook itself. With the efforts of the maintainers, React is at the heart of leading JavaScript developer libraries. It is used by many big brands like Pinterest, WhatsApp, Reddit, Netflix,…

2020 marks the first React release that doesn’t add new features. Instead, it allows for gradual upgrades and makes it easy to embed React into other technologies.

Additionally, the React team introduced some experimental features like concurrency and zero-bundle-size server components. Thanks to concurrent rendering, the React 18 plan announced in 2021 will continue to improve. Concurrent mode helps delay changes to the screen. It enhances application performance and is much different from previous React approach.

Based on feedback from the community in 2021, the React team redesigned the process to allow for gradual upgrades. So you don’t have to rush to implement new features into your product. However, do explore them as they can become a milestone for JavaScript framework trends.

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2.   Vue continues to grow

Vue.js is known for its modularity, elasticity, and progression. Vue’s advantage is also reflected in its strong community and good documentation.

In 2020, Vue.js-3.0 is officially released in the long-awaited community. It provides enhanced application performance, smaller package sizes, and enhanced TypeScript support. In addition, the Vue team released a Composition API that supports the work of large-scale projects.

August 2021 is the time when Vue 3.2 is released with some big improvements, Tech Town will list right here:

●     Increase operational efficiency

●     Large scale support

●     TypeScript Integration

●     Subclassing modules

●     Build a UI component library

3.   TypeScript is evolving rapidly

TypeScript is a collection of “super” JavaScript, released by Microsoft in 2012. The idea of creating it comes from the fact that JS does not restrict object types. As the name implies, TypeScript supports optional types that JS is lacking. Along with that, TypeScript also adds enums to facilitate code management.

The solution from Microsoft is not the only solution introduced in the market. However, the latest State of JS survey shows that TypeScript is the most used language today.

TypeScript takes the syntax and semantics of JavaScript, and it has some extra features that JavaScript developers expect. TypeScript enhances programming productivity and makes it easy to maintain growing code bases.

The main advantages of TypeScript make it one of the most popular JavaScript trends:

●     Optional static import.

●     Detect errors early.

●     Large-scale support solutions.

●     Widely accepted.

●     Easy to get used to.

That’s why TypeScript becomes the third most popular language in 2021 according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey. JS trends indicate that the popularity of this technology will continue to grow in 2022.

However, TypeScript also has its weaknesses. TypeScript code needs to be compiled into regular JavaScript code for the browser to execute. When working on small projects, this delay can have a significant impact, you need to consider this.

4.   Node.js spike in demand

Node.js is a JavaScript technology supported by a global community of developers. It is used to build front-end and back-end applications. In 2021, we saw steady growth of Node.js in downloads, with a spike in October.

Node.js became popular because of its flexibility which makes development faster and gives high performance to solutions.

Node.js allows for lightweight and flexible code generation, applications can be easily scaled by adding nodes vertically or adding resources horizontally. Such a modular structure allows the solution to be changed without affecting its system.

Each of the following use cases embeds Node.js capabilities:

●     The site features streaming media and resources with multiple file uploads. Example: Netflix.

●     Real-time applications handle many short messages with minimal delay. Examples: LinkedIn and Trello.

●     Applications are based on microservices. Example: PayPal.

In addition, the Node.js community is always contributing open source, improving the tool. That is why it is still among the latest JavaScript technologies and this trend is likely to continue into 2022.

5.   Jamstack serves millions of users

Jamstack is a web development architecture that allows users to build websites quickly and securely. Founded by Netlify, Jamstack has gone beyond JAM. It refers to a broad architectural approach to creating pages with multiple libraries and methods.

Jamstack Community Surveys found that 32% of Jamstack developers work on solutions that attract millions of users. The most prominent examples of getting the most out of Jamstack include Twilio and Spring.

Advantages of Jamstack:

●     Customizable as needed, so less code is required to change requirements.

●     Content is delivered via CDN (content delivery network), which ensures better performance.

●     A CDN makes it easy to scale a website in the event that the website experiences a sudden spike in traffic.

●     Website developers focused on building microservices-based websites don’t need to depend on monolithic structures.

●     Jamstack sites are fast and lightweight. This makes the website rank higher, as loading speed is one of the important criteria.

●     Server-side rendering mode helps create content for web pages that are dynamic and flexible when required by the user.

●     The Jamstack website has no direct relationship with sensitive information. So they are safe from hacker attacks.

Limitations of Jamstack:

●     Solutions may use third-party APIs, such as weather forms or user authentication. So make sure you have backing code that keeps your website from being down due to third party API errors.

●     Jamstack requires coding in many cases, it’s not entirely plugin friendly. As a result, you may need to change it if your solution is not connected to a CMS (content management system).

●     You need to rebuild every page after making the changes. This is inconvenient in case of a website with many pages.

Despite such drawbacks, Jamstack engineers always work hard to solve the problem. With all their capabilities, Jamstack promises to always be the trend in 2022.

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