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In the era of rapid development of Information Technology, digital transformation is essential for businesses today. Owning software specifically designed to meet the specific business and management needs of businesses is becoming a trend. This Tech Town article will help you understand the benefits of custom software design , as well as the advantages of our service.

What is on-demand software programming ?

software design service is the building, making of software or modifying and developing it based on programming tools. They are implemented by a team of experienced and skilled programmers to provide quality software products according to customer requirements. Thus, new customers can create the best value, ensuring smooth business operation.


Based on the current development situation as well as to meet the advanced support requirements for customers, on-demand software companies will provide the following services:

  •     Build, create a new application as required.
  •     Build handler functions.
  •     Upgrade, improve, or repair existing applications to run smoother according to the current needs of the business unit.
  •     Research and develop new technologies to meet the needs of business development and expansion according to customers’ requirements.

Difference between custom software and pre-built software

Today, many businesses prefer to design their own software on different source codes instead of using available software solutions. The reason is that the available software will often have certain limitations, that is, the features are usually fixed and are at the basic level, not advanced. As for custom software design , the resulting product can be customized, updated and upgraded to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

Software available


  •     Low cost: Coupled with a low cost to match the market, available software often possesses very basic features.
  •     Convenience: Enterprises with software needs can immediately purchase available software for immediate use. No development time required.
  •     Ease of use: Because they are pre-written software, their applicability is very high, programmed in a basic way so that most businesses can apply.


  •     Difficult to upgrade: For existing software, upgrading is not easy, businesses may have to incur additional costs for available software providers to upgrade and secure systems for businesses.
  •     Limited functionality: This is unavoidable, as available software is programmed with basic functions for widespread use in the market. For large enterprises, this can be considered as the biggest limitation.
  •     Not high security: Pre-programmed software with basic command lines, possesses easy access for all businesses, so it is very vulnerable to hackers.

Tailor-made software


High security: Custom software is always designed by programmers and puts complex lines of code to suit business features, creating a much tighter system than available software.

Preeminent features: Custom software is designed to be the best for businesses, on-demand software programming services can create preeminent features from basic to complex.

Easy to update and upgrade: Application software developers always keep the source code of their products, so upgrading is not too difficult.


High Cost: Tailor-made software has a significantly higher price tag compared to off-the-shelf software because it possesses many features that directly benefit the particular business. This is also the disadvantage that makes many small and medium enterprises afraid to use.


The above comparisons have helped you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two software solutions. Custom software is more expensive because not only does it provide the benefits mentioned above, we will explore its other benefits for businesses shortly.

The benefits of writing on-demand software for businesses

Suitable for business

The first benefit that cannot be ignored is that it is suitable for the individual requirements of the business. Designing software according to business requirements is the way to meet all the features that customers want in a business management software.


Each business will have different business models, so there will be many different types of software. In general, the ultimate goal is to deploy software to closely manage, and help businesses manage better.

Better security

The security of tailor-made software will be much safer than available software. With a common and popular software, it is often easy to be hacked and typed, because these are common software and have basic functions at a low cost to sell to many people. For businesses, personalization is almost nonexistent, and because it is market software, security is not safe.


A specially designed software will have more complex commands and more security.

Easy maintenance and upgrade

Since this is software designed separately from each other, each created software has different sources. Programmers just need to get the source to edit and upgrade the features quickly and simply, just as easy for maintenance.

Easy to use and save time

Because the software is written on demand, when the software is created it will fit the needs of the business, so it also becomes easier to use. Putting the software into the management system also becomes easier and faster, helping your business save time in use as well as in the management process.

Why choose Tech Town as your on- demand software design partner?

Tech Town has more than 4 years of experience in developing on-demand software, especially applications for business management, human resources, buildings, goods,… that work smoothly on computer platforms and Mobile (Android and IOS) with full functions to help administrators easier to control, cover the situation and above all, save considerable cost of hiring management personnel, and at the same time also save money. More peace of mind by 100% accuracy, no worries about loss and loss problems.


During more than 4 years of operation, Tech Town has received trust from major international partners. Products when handed over are always perfected and have high efficiency in operation, affordable costs and tight support and warranty regime, exceeding the requirements of customers.

demand software design service process at Tech Town

Survey and planning

In the first step, Tech Town always surveys customers’ ideas, analyzes specific needs, assesses the current status, processes and technology infrastructure of the company to give advice on building applications. best, most suitable. The planning to implement the idea is always discussed and adjusted until it best suits the wishes of the manager.

Design and Programming

With analysis documents from customer requirements, Tech Town will proceed to design the interface and detailed features, move to programming and build the system in steps to produce the finished product.

Install and launch

After completing the product, Tech Town will install the software on the company’s system and start it up. During the launch process, Tech Town always monitors the performance and makes corrections if errors appear.

Handover, support, and expansion consulting

When handing over the finished product, Tech Town will guide customers on how to operate and use it, always accompany the company to monitor and provide timely support, and advise on adjustments and upgrades to suit the needs of customers. the development of the company

Software development projects Tech Town has done

Tech Town has received on-demand software programming for many domestic and foreign partners, the projects can be mentioned as:

  •     E-wallet and e-banking system for Bliss Bank.
  •     Lancaster Living App building management app.
  •     Fintech App for Revollet International.
  •     Cargo management application for Nedcoffee Vietnam.


With a team of professional programming engineers, proficient in many programming languages such as: Ruby on Rails, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python… Tech Town has become a service provider of software design , custom app according to your needs. required to be trusted by business partners from many countries around the world such as the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore…


Contact us if your business has any technological challenges.



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