Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the most hyped trends in the business world, businesses and Experts are still discovering the many different ways these technologies can be used to transform their business. And one of the latest trends today is using AR/VR in recruiting. These two technologies represent augmented reality and are currently embedded throughout the hiring process. Both AR and VR recruiting techniques have a huge impact on everyone working in the field. In this article, Tech Town will analyze with you the impact of AR/VR in the recruitment process and how they help the right people get jobs so that only the perfect candidates can join the force. your workforce and help you achieve your goals.

What is AR/VR Recruitment?

An effective recruitment process involves finding candidates with the right skills or demonstrated suitability for the job in question. This multi-step process includes revising various resumes and CVs, holding job interviews, and finally selecting the right candidate for the job and providing them with the information they need. necessary for them to start working.

AR/VR recruitment is the process of using AR or VR technology to engage job applicants throughout the interview and hiring process so that they can land the job for which they have applied. AR/VR recruiting is used to provide a richer experience for candidates and provide employers with a reliable assessment tool to select the right people for the job.

The use of AR or VR in the hiring process can take many forms, and these technologies represent a fad or more. But the truth is, that using AR and VR in recruitment is an effective way to utilize your resources and revolutionize the way you do business in a competitive environment.

There is a big difference between virtual and augmented reality technology, as AR involves creating virtual objects that users can use and manipulate in the real world, so they remain aware. surroundings because these objects are added to their current environment.

Virtual reality is different, it creates a simulated reality while separating the user from the real world. Both technologies create immersive experiences that can be used throughout different stages of the hiring process to make the HR department’s job easier. They can also help job applicants demonstrate that they are indeed a good fit for the job they are applying for, increasing their chances of getting a job offer.

Why is VR/AR Technology Used in Recruitment?

VR and AR have long been associated with the entertainment business as they represent a hot trend in the game and movie industries. However, business managers have realized that augmented reality is more than just creating immersive games and shows.

That’s why both technologies are now being used in a number of businesses to help businesses change the way work is done. Managers can use these technologies to save time, and costs, and achieve the best results using the business’s current resources.

VR and AR work differently in the hiring process because both technologies are different. This is why they offer different benefits to enable HR managers and employees to choose the most suitable solution that can help their business achieve their goals, most importantly, hire the right ones. person for the job.

Benefits of Using VR in Recruitment

VR in Recruitment creates an immersive experience that users enjoy when they wear a headset. The reality created appeals to all the senses and is used to extend the recruitment process and make it more successful. Here are some benefits of using VR in recruiting:

  • VR gives HR managers and employees the opportunity to optimize the hiring process by interviewing more candidates, even those who is somewhere else. In addition, when using VR, candidates can experience the workplace and visit the office to understand more about the nature of work and HR managers can also better interact with them in a simulated reality. . At the same time, VR allows managers to interview more people without wasting business resources. For example, HR managers can conduct interviews remotely without employees traveling to a business location, or help managers avoid wasting time between interviews.
  • Instead of traditional interviews, VR can do enhanced video interviews, as recruiters can really get a feel for candidates first-hand and gauge their personality, in addition to their skills. their. This way, they can see if the candidate is the right person for the job and if they really fit the culture of the business. According to surveys, more than 80% of candidates will accept a job offer based on personal relationships formed during an interview.
  • After screening candidates, HR managers can use virtual reality to create an in-depth and effective assessment that allows them to select the right person for the job. Combined with artificial intelligence, various HR virtual reality tools can create lifelike construction site experiences that help new employees experience the real nature of work without wasting any resources, putting themselves in jeopardy or putting the business in a position where it is liable.
  • Using in recruitment is a valuable tool that allows employers to see and evaluate the true potential of applications, away from misleading resumes. Creating a virtual reality environment allows recruiters to see how candidates will actually behave in different situations, regardless of what is mentioned on their CVs. Talent tests and tests show which candidates are really the right fit for the job and which aren’t so HR can make the right decisions. Also, new employees may not be trained to do the job, so they could get in trouble if they do something wrong.
  • Virtual reality is a trendy tool that can help create brand loyalty. Although mainly used for marketing, new candidates will enjoy working for a business that is using the latest technology. So employers can leverage this technology to impress new talent and attract the brightest candidates, so they can become part of the organization.
  • Once the applicant is approved, VR can be used to create a simulation training program. A simulated and safe virtual reality environment is the best training tool, which will help new employees understand the nature of the job without taking risks or wasting business resources. It is also an engaging educational tool that allows employees to experience every aspect of work in a stress-free environment.

Benefits of Using AR in Recruitment

Unlike VR – which creates a full simulation, AR creates objects that are overlaid with our reality to create an enhanced version that can be easily manipulated. work. By adding computer-generated 3D objects, users can experience a new immersive reality that engages the senses and provides both recruiters and candidates with a streamlined recruitment process.

Using augmented reality in recruiting allows potential employees to try and use expensive business products and other resources remotely and securely. AR can be used in several stages of the recruitment process to help businesses hire the right candidate for the job. Here are some benefits of using AR in recruitment:

  • In a highly competitive market, AR can help introduce your brand and attract the most desirable candidates to your business. When there is a high demand for a particular talent, candidates are more likely to choose a business that offers the latest technology, the best career advancement, and the most relaxed culture. In addition, AR can be used to show the potential of the business, so it can be expected more than the competitors.
  • Instead of following the most traditional ways of assessing employee skills and talents, augmented reality games can be used to understand each candidate’s potential and decide if they are a good fit. work or not. AR games are engaging and also allow employers to see how employees will act and react in different situations.
  • Augmented reality is currently being used to create a safe training environment for different employees, so HR can assess their compatibility with the job requirements. When the work environment is quite challenging or employees use expensive or dangerous equipment, AR can create a game or a simulator that allows new candidates to test their boundaries and see if they can suitable for the job without the hassle or waste of business resources.
  • Simulating the working environment is one of the perks of using AR in recruitment. Augmented reality can be used to create games that simulate stress-free work environments. By playing these games, new hires can see if they can take the job or if they really like what they are applying for.

Using AR/VR to recruit the best candidates 

To keep up with your competition, you need to know the latest trends and how to leverage them to improve your position in the market. This is why you need to know how the market is evolving and the most useful tools that can help you run your business successfully.

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