Issues surrounding On-demand app programming that businesses need to pay attention to

With the strong development of technology today, owning an application (app) is no longer a strange thing for businesses. Different businesses will need applications with separate features. Therefore, the best solution is custom app design. In this article, Tech Town will work with businesses to learn all around the businessOn-demand application programming.

Role of custom app on demand For Businesses

Currently, the software available on the market has been able to meet the basic needs of businesses such as work management, human resources, goods, revenue … But because it is designed for all businesses. The software can be used by the industry, so these software are relatively simple and only deal with the “surface” part of the demand. That’s why the need to write apps on demand is growing because of its specificity and in accordance with the company’s working process.


More specifically, custom-designed software is always easy to manage because it is implemented with new technology, providing a flexible and easy-to-operate user experience with a beautiful and friendly interface. These softwares have high information security because they are the company’s own property and cannot be used publicly. Because of that, the software provides data with high accuracy, helping businesses be more proactive in managing and making plans.


More specifically, tailor-made software can be easily upgraded, developed and adjusted at will while retaining previous data. This creates consistency in the company’s working module, saving a lot of time when managing.

Options for using the service write apps on demand

Freelance Developers

Freelance developers often offer attractive hourly rates and have the right experience,but The lack of assurances and customer protections can pose a risk to the entire development process.


When a business hires a freelancer who is a highly skilled individual or head,but Management and workflow issues for freelancers are still not fully resolved. This will be the solution when businesses need a simple application, freelancers will be very helpful when having expertise in the platform and technology they pursue. If the features an enterprise needs are relevant to the developer’s field and expertise, there are significant cost savings opportunities when developing apps.

Available solutions

This is often the most economical and fastest option for launching a project, but such solutions are difficult to customize and transfer if there is a need to migrate to another system. Furthermore, the available solutions are often not able to update and change quickly to meet the needs of the market, which is inflexible in terms of business needs.


If your project is to create a business app in a short time and don’t need anything unique and customized, an off-the-shelf solution is truly optimal.

The company On-demand app programming

When businesses find an app development company, a team will be assembled based on the exact needs of the business, full of processes and functional positions needed to build a product from start to finish or complement. added to the internal team to implement the project.


Building apps with a software development company gives you more flexibility over available solutions, faster completion times, better quality, and less risk than in-house developers. do. If your business needs to create a complex and customizable application, the best option is to find a company with experience with custom apps on demand.


This solution is often more expensive than freelance developers and available solutions. However, a company custom app design will only charge for the amount of work completed.

Steps Custom app design for mobile.

Regardless of whether a business is considering domestic, onshore, or offshore application development, it needs to go through several stages before starting, and be sure of the idea that it wants to develop before reaching out to the companies. software company.


Here are the stages to start outsourcing Android or iOS app development software:

Deliver the desired result

If you want to turn your business idea into an effective solution, you need to clarify the following:


Business requirements: Define the goals and functionality of the application, what are the goals the business is pursuing, and the needs of the end users.


User requirements: Review and evaluate all interactions between the user and the mobile application, thereby figuring out the user’s behavior and desires. This will help application developers quickly determine what functionality is needed and which functionality can be developed in a later version of the release.


Application Requirements: Outline the product features that will meet the needs and expectations of the business, including:

  • Functional requirements. Describe how the product works in different situations. The specification document may include authorization grant types, administrative functions, transaction modification, and customization.
  • Other requirements: Define application properties such as device and operating system type, administrative permissions, performance, and security requirements.

Looking for an outsourcing company custom app design

In the context of the mobile application development field is growing every day, there are many ways to find a company to write apps on demand. It’s a good idea to start by asking communities about successful app design outsourcing experiences, then select from a list of software vendors and recommendations from customers in your region or country. Karma.


There are two places to look for outsourcing companies:

  • B2B categories like Clutch and GoodFosystem are the best places to look for an app development company.
  • Freelance sites like Upwork, Guru, and Golance are online marketplaces that connect businesses of all sizes for all their recruiting needs.

Select engineer groupOn-demand app programming

Today, businesses see software outsourcing as a strategy to gain a competitive advantage. But to ensure that the cooperation works well, businesses need to trust their suppliers, and the question here is how to get this trust. There are 3 aspects to the holistic perception of the future developer of the project:

  • Reviews: Check out company feedback on specialized websites or find ways to connect with their customers for a visual review.
  • Interaction: Take the time to discuss how they ensure transparency in the development process, how the results will be delivered, and what communication or management tools will be used. This is necessary to determine if the business owns the intellectual property (IP) and how the provider ensures the completion of the application as it depends on the quality of the application, not just the business operations. business.
  • Techstack and experience: Make sure the team has the expertise to leverage the technologies required by the idea, and that the company has experience working with customers in the same industry as the business. Consult their portfolio with relevant case studies on similar projects.
  • Industry certifications: Make sure the partner is listed in independent ratings and that trusted organizations recognize them as a supplier of high-quality software engineering. Find out if they have industry leaders among their partners.


Finding the answers to these 4 key points will help you reduce the number of potential software outsourcing partners and eliminate less reliable ones.

Choose Interaction Model

There are so many different approaches to interaction and payments that businesses need to choose exactly the one that’s right for them. An experienced software vendor can help determine which type is most profitable considering the required specifications and capabilities. Here are three of the most used interaction models: Project-based, team-based, and service-based.

Based on the project

Also known as the end-to-end development model, it proposes to build apps from scratch by a dedicated team consisting of business analysts, project managers, designers, developers, and engineers. QA. End-to-end product development, providing full-fledged support, flexibility, and ongoing support after product release.

Expand the group

Also known as a Team of Service (TaaS) model, it allows a business to acquire the skill set needed if it does not have enough experts on its team, without the expense of hiring new permanent employees or expanding internal skills. With the TaaS model, businesses hire a team of remote experts to work with clarity. The supplier can work with the recruiting side, negotiating with the employees, but the business will still decide who is hired and make the main requirements, or the supplier can set up a new unit to expand the internal team of the enterprise in accordance with business needs.

Service-based model

This is a reasonable model if the business clearly understands the work that needs to be done. A software company can be with you no matter where you are in the product life cycle.


For example, if you have a product or app ready for sale and want to test it before launch. In this case, you need to hire a team of testers to detect and fix bugs.

Select Payment Model

Time & material (in hours)

This is the most flexible and common approach to custom app design, as the business will pay a fortnightly or monthly fee based on time spent on the job. The supplier will do a follow-up assessment and budget forecast. Thereby, businesses will know the amount to pay and for what. At the end of each payment, the implementation team re-evaluates development priorities.

Fixed price

A fixed-range price model only meets the following criteria:

  • Expenditure is fixed on demand
  • Development from scratch
  • Clearly and precisely define what needs to be done
  • No 3rd party hardware and integrations.
  • This is the most common solution, but it has no innovation or new technology.

Service Process Custom app design by Tech Town

Survey and planning

In the first step, Tech Town always surveys the ideas of businesses, analyzes specific needs, assesses the current status, processes and technology infrastructure of the company to give advice on building applications. best, most suitable. The planning to implement the idea is always discussed and adjusted until it best suits the wishes of the manager.

Design and Programming

With the analysis document from the customer’s requirements, we will proceed to design the interface and detailed features, move to programming and build the system in steps to produce the finished product.

Install and launch

After the product is finished, we will install the software on the company’s system and start it up. During launch, we always monitor performance and make corrections if errors occur.

Handover, support, and expansion consulting

When handing over the finished product, Tech Town will guide customers on how to operate and use it, always accompany the company to monitor and support in time, and advise on adjustments and upgrades to suit the needs of customers. the development of the company.


Through mobile application products completed beyond expectations, completed earlier or on time as committed, with tight support and warranty, Tech Town has become a Vietnamese software company. Nam is trusted by many major partners from many countries around the world such as the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore.



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