Business Analysis and UX/UI Design

Our business analysis service tailor your business’s software to specific business goals, applying the most modern UX/UI trends that make a difference to your website, strongly affirming the quality of your website as well as your brand value.

Benefits from our busniess analysis

This type of documentation is needed to define all your project requirements, even the smallest details, so that the development team understands them and provides the exact solution you need.

Based on your requirements, our business analysts plan the tasks with detailed description, helping the development team to have the right plan for successful project implementation

This is a must, especially for long-term projects – adding new features, upgrading regularly, or fixing problems that arise. To get things done properly and quickly, our QA experts and developers find a way to get things done, which is always described in the documentation.

Our business analysts collect all the necessary data from our customers and compile them into a vision and product scope plan so that implementation is clear to all stakeholders.

Our UX/UI design services

With many years of experience in the technology field, our UX/UI design service has an efficient design process and brings more value to our partners.

We create prototypes to help you visualize the app as a whole and how it will work in practice. That prototype is interactive and gives you an idea of ​​the project’s workflow.

We design wireframes to give you an outline of your web or mobile app by demonstrating the content, structure and functionality that will live on it.

We have a way to cleverly transform your ideas and thoughts into a clean and functional design. We put the user at the center to create the UI design that best suits their requirements.

By focusing on core principles of UI design and feature development, our products are responsive and cross-platform compatible to ensure smooth operation on different platforms.

We can also create a technical design to help you understand the engineering process of the project. In it, we define the technology foundation for all application components, third-party service integration, and interaction of APIs.

If you already have an app or a website, but it doesn’t look appealing or professional, we can help you redesign the entire website or app. After evaluating the app and understanding the users, we do our job and make your software look more appealing and beautiful.

Why choose us

Our team of experts has created a wide variety of applications and software for a variety of industries and sectors, including education, retail, finance, healthcare, gaming, entertainment, and more.

Our team of experts has created a wide variety of applications and software for a variety of industries and sectors, including education, retail, finance, healthcare, gaming, entertainment, and more.

We design UX/UI for new technology apps

We help you develop dApps or smart contracts with high levels of security, transparency, and custom scalability.

We build AI-driven app UX by leveraging intelligence to streamline and enhance user experience.

We design UI for a user-focused augmented reality app that seamlessly blends virtual reality objects with the real world.

We follow the latest guidelines and trends to create the ultimate user-friendly UI/UX design for web and mobile apps.

We feature IoT apps to deliver personalized experiences that meet user requirements and expectations.

// We Don't Just Provide Service, We Provide Experience.

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Emilia Clarke
Mr Khoi Mai
Founder The Lok's Media
"During the cooperation with Tech Town, we received the results that beyond our expectation. The UX/UI design was so good, effectively navigated, improve SEO efficiency, easy for our team to use. We are offered to have the CMS, CRM integrated into the system and they still work effectively up to now. The support from Tech Town is very fast whenever we ask them to make a few changes. We are completely satisfied with your services!"