Japanese enterprises: Deploying digital transformation to not be left behind

“Digital Failure.” – That’s how Mr. Takuya Hirai – Japan’s former Minister of Digital Transformation described the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Constrained by disparate, unconnected systems, public authorities have struggled to share information between ministries and centrally run cities. Undoubtedly, digital transformation is a top priority for Japanese business leaders amid the country’s slow adoption of digital models. Tech Town will bring to Japanese business partners the solution right in this article.

The covid-19 pandemic reflects the reality of digital transformation in Japan

For many countries, technology plays a vital role in fighting the pandemic. In Japan, technology is a weakness, not a strength. Japan has managed the covid-19 crisis relatively well thanks to its population size and aging population. However, it was difficult for the Covid-19 response experts of the Japanese Ministry of Health to collect accurate and real-time data, and it also took time and resources to confirm phone numbers and manual data entry into the computer.

Mr. Frank Bignone, Digital Transformation Director of FPT Japan Holdings, said that digital transformation in Japan has been lagging behind for the past 5 years, while many other countries and companies have been promoting digital transformation for 10 years. prior to. However, in the last two years, Japan has stepped up policies and supported digital transformation. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been focusing on digital transformation since 2018 and published its first guidance on promoting digital transformation at the end of 2018. About 80% of Japanese companies has aging technology infrastructure, while 80% of IT related costs are used to maintain existing systems. This problem is even more evident during the Covid-19 crisis, when most resilient companies have already begun their digital transformation.

Moreover, Japan missed the “smartphone revolution”, leaving Korea and China to surpass, especially in the field of Big data (Big data) and artificial intelligence (AI). Payment by QR code has been so popular in China for 4-5 years now, in Japan it has only been born in the last 2 years with a limited user rate and is currently in an accelerating phase. The speed of digital transformation in Japan is still too slow, Japanese businesses are forced to have a revolution so as not to become inferior and out of breath in the market.

Why digital transformation is urgent for Japanese businesses

Digital transformation is happening, the Japanese enterprises deploying digital transformation right now is not to be the leader, but actually to catch up with it, so as not to miss the beat again like the 2010s. and like what’s happening in Japan, things are in a hurry, as digital technology is becoming a hot topic right before our eyes.

The demand for information technology development in Japan is increasing rapidly, making the shortage of IT human resources more serious than ever. The salary level for IT engineers in Japan has nearly doubled in the past 5 years. Even the outsourcing costs of Japanese companies to Vietnam have increased from about 200,000 yen at the end of 2012 to at least 35,000 yen today.

The Covid-19 pandemic has once again forced Japanese businesses to digitally transform, as soon as possible, without delay. Covid-19 is like a strong push to all Japanese businesses that are still hesitant with digital transformation, completely reshaping the way a business exists, and also opening up many opportunities for related startups. to digital conversion.

Japanese enterprises: Deploying digital transformation to not be left behind

Tech Town – Vietnamese Technology Company is ready to accompany Japanese businesses in digital transformation

Tech Town is a technology company from Ho Chi Minh City – the most dynamic and developed city in Vietnam, a reliable IT outsourcing partner of businesses in Japan. Since its establishment, Tech Town has given special priority to Japanese partners, wishing to provide modern and friendly technology products to customers here.

Thanks to our long-term cooperation experience with Japanese partners, we gain the trust of our partners through perfect products, which are always completed earlier or on time as committed, with affordable costs attached. tight support and warranty, even after the product is delivered. Tech Town wishes to create a long-term relationship, contributing to the development of partners according to Win – to – Win criteria.

Tech Town provides business partners in Japan with support from Vietnamese technology experts with high qualifications, long experience, and proficiency in many programming languages such as: Ruby on Rails, Node JS , PHP, Java, Python…, applying modern technology in software development such as: AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain… always dedicated and professional in project implementation, especially flexible working style, Fast, suitable for Japanese businesses.

Outstanding projects that we have successfully implemented for Japanese business partners:

● Blockchain web app development project Revollet International Limited: We build our own Blockchain platform for Revollet with full on-demand transaction features, flexible cryptocurrency (crypto) conversion, electronic wallet integration ( e-wallet), interbank transfer 24/7… Achieved more than satisfaction level from Revollet partner.

● Project to build Rev-EC e-commerce platform with full functions of buying and selling products, online payment, accepting crypto payments, integrating content management system (CSM) and many other functions. other customization.

● Website design projects for Quintet, InKrone, Revollet, … and many other partners in Japan, the delivered website products always have a modern interface, good UX/UI efficiency, SEO optimization, integration Combining functions of content management (CSM), business management (CRM)… as required, increasing marketing efficiency, creating a beautiful brand image in the eyes of customers.

● Along with other projects in many fields: Fintech, EdTech, E-Commerce, Gaming, Entertainment,…

With a representative office in Japan, this is a new step to help Tech Town get closer to the software outsourcing market in Japan, to businesses in the digital transformation process, and at the same time promises to bring the software services as well as the best support policy for our customers here.

Contact us if you have any technological challenges.



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