Users of the technology era tend to use mobile devices more than PCs or laptops, this changes the customer approach of 4.0 enterprises, mobile applications become business solutions, promote the brand and take care of customers effectively and economically. In order to help businesses better understand iOS and Android app programming services , this article of Tech Town will bring useful information. 

Benefits of app programming for businesses

Developing exclusive mobile applications is currently a common trend of businesses, designing an app that meets the needs of users will bring a lot of value to businesses, which Tech Town will list a number of special benefits. the following distinction:

Generate high profits

Investing in smart mobile app programming will help businesses better support customers, stimulate purchase of products/use services and attract potential customers effectively, creating high profits for businesses. ownership business.

Potential marketing channel

Mobile apps are an effective marketing channel, promoting images and transmitting information of businesses to customers at almost zero cost. Moreover, businesses owning mobile apps will become more prestigious. in the eyes of customers.

Enhancing brand position

The outstanding advantage of mobile app programming is affirming the quality and reputation of the business through beautiful, professional design, fully meeting the needs and providing a good experience for customers so that they are ready. brand appreciation. That can enhance the position of the business in the competitive market.

24/7 customer support

4.0 customers often find out information carefully before deciding to buy products or use services, and the mobile app is the 24/7 support staff, approaching customers, providing full information about the product. products/services/brands, consulting anytime, anywhere and “no pay”.


When businesses have the need to develop their own mobile applications, knowledge of app programming languages ​​is essential, in order to help the outsourcing process and project implementation go smoothly and achieve successful results. results as desired. The two most popular operating systems on mobile devices today are iOS and Android, let’s go through in detail the popular programming languages ​​on these two operating systems.

Android app programming languages

Programming Android apps in Java

Java is considered the most popular programming language, most used today for the Android operating system with a large developer community. The outstanding advantage of this language is that you can freely create apps as you like. However, the limit of creativity depends on the professional knowledge and understanding of the programmer. So, before starting, make sure you have found a highly qualified project partner.

Programming Android apps with Kotlin

Kotlin language is provided by JetBrains – The company from the Czech Republic specializes in developing IntelliJ IDEA. This language is officially supported by Google. The use of Kotlin is to solve some problems when using Java with its relatively simple, compact syntax, effectively handling too long lines of code, complex and unnecessary statements to be able to practice. focus on more important issues. Kotlin using Java will clearly reveal the strengths of both these languages, creating effective Android app programming that meets enterprise expectations.

Programming Android apps in Python

Python is a cross-platform programming language, mainly used in application interface programming. The typical advantage of app programming in Python is that it’s easy to use, easy to interact with, short statements, using English words, helping the project to shorten programming time effectively. Not only that, but Python can also be used to program apps on iOS, Windows, and even complex games. Game developers love this language because it helps to accelerate the GPU, suitable for the graphics and motion characteristics of games.

iOS app programming languages

Programming iOS apps with Swift

Swift was released in 2014, is a language that is trusted by many programmers to this day. This language is used as an open source, effective approach and is preferred by many reputable mobile app developers. This is also a wise choice for individuals and startups who want to develop apps on iOS. Swift is now added by Apple with many useful and handy features such as simple syntax, detecting programming errors… Giving businesses the ability to effectively complete applications, best meeting app programming goals iOS .

Programming iOS apps with Objective-C

This was the first language used, the premise for the early development of the iOS operating system. The influence of Swift and Objective-C are now equal, but using both languages ​​side-by-side makes iOS app development ideal.


Above are some of the most popular mobile application programming languages ​​today that businesses need to grasp if they have the need to outsource iOS/Android app development. An accurate choice of technology as well as a reputable service provider will bring products of good quality and meet the needs of building applications for businesses.


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