In 2021, the whole world is affected by the raging Covid-19 pandemic, collapsing economies, job losses, political instability and mental health. We have not escaped the pandemic so far, but human resilience is very high, difficulties are the beginning of innovative ideas. Technology has helped us adapt to the new normal, by replacing real-life experiences with virtual ones, making it possible for people to socialize and earn money from the comfort of their own homes. “Globalization” is no longer ambiguous, where every user can be present in a public virtual space, share experiences and “live” in it. Tech Town is talking about Metaverse, inviting readers to continue learning about it in our article.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the next generation of the internet, where every user can build virtual lives, live together, share spaces, transact and collaborate in new ways. The term “Metaverse” was mentioned by author Neal Stephenson in 1992 in his science novel – Snow Crash. He combined the two words “Meta” and “Universe” to talk about the meeting between avatars living in virtual reality. Today, that idea becomes a reality when users can join the metaverse to share immersive experiences, powered by AR and VR.

Currently, users mainly use smartphones for all activities of the day. For example, surfing social networks at the start of the morning, sending messages, Zoom meetings with colleagues, ordering lunch from an application, watching videos on Youtube, watching Netflix at night… All are used on the phone. clever. Metaverse is not a groundbreaking idea that came and went from the ground up, it’s the evolution of our digital and social media interactions. If people are spending most of their day in a digital life, then the metaverse should improve those experiences.

Imagine a person waking up and taking a morning Yoga class with friends in a virtual garden, then attending a virtual office with his boss and co-workers, or maybe going to the cinema with his lover. me. Those were the person’s usual daily activities, but now enhanced by the power of the third dimension.

What is Metaverse?

Support technology

Of course, the experiences we talk about above would not be possible without the support of technology and interactive tools. While Metaverses will rely on graphics to create an immersive environment, the virtual world will be strongly supported by Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to overall experience.

Over the past few years, technological developments in VR and AR have made them more and more realistic. But with limited usability, we have not been able to widely apply it and realize its full potential. But the metaverse will change that, ushering in the era of VR, AR headsets and other gadgets, and bringing them together to enhance virtual experiences.

Support technology

Metaverse will be everywhere

Contrary to objections, the metaverse will really explode in 2022 and become mainstream by the middle of this year. Giants like Facebook and Microsoft are aiming to dominate the virtual world, the competition between traditional technology companies and crypto projects like Sandbox and Decentraland…

In 2021, metaverse projects are prepared to move from initial adoption to mass adoption, because millions of people will start participating and investing in these models. Founders will have to work to create value in their projects, build communities, and establish more decentralized spaces. We will see generic metaverses like The Sandbox that will be built like virtual cities, as well as themed metaverses like OneRare.

Metaverse will be everywhere (Metaverse character)

Change your mind

Metaverse forces us all to reset our way of thinking. We do not inherently decide where we are born, our lives are influenced by that geographical location: School, friends, opportunities in life…

Metaverse forces us to look beyond our physical presence and open our minds to equal opportunities in the virtual world. A person in Kenya can now explore the virtual world equally as someone living in Australia. The opportunity to live in the metaverse is equal for all individuals – from education to entertainment.

The ability to attend classes in virtual universities will change education forever. Students will be able to study subjects of their choice, at their own pace, and break away from traditional curriculum models to discover their strengths. They can study anywhere in the world and interact with global student communities, without the financial burden of visas and foreign education.

Recruitment across all industries will also change dramatically, as virtual offices do not require employees to be physically present. Companies will now be able to find top talent around the world instead of being restricted by geographical barriers. Metaverse – We are a truly globalized world for the first time.

Can study anywhere in the world

Liberating traditional industries
With the advent of the metaverse, we will also see a radical shift in the thinking of traditional industries by 2022. While it is prudent to embrace new technologies, many industries will realize important advantages importance that blockchain brings and captures the metaverse.
The transparency of blockchain transactions and the ability to maintain permanent records is of great value to the Real Estate industry. The piles of documents, transactions, and meetings that accompany each sale can be streamlined into a virtual city, where marked plots keep all records of land and transactions recorded on the blockchain.
The office model has changed drastically as Covid-19 sends people home. Although employees have adapted well to the Zoom & Trello model, after nearly 2 years of working from home, there are still signs of fatigue. Along with not having to pay the cost of renting an office, leaders also recognize the lack of teamwork and social connection among employees. The virtual office will seek to re-energize employees by giving them an enhanced social experience in the workplace, attending meetings with 3D avatars and working together in a great office setting. .
For the Food Industry, chefs and restaurateurs will have the first opportunity to move beyond the local business model and interact with a global audience. In OneRare’s Foodverse, food professionals are not restricted to their region. They can monetize their dishes as NFTs, hold interactive cooking classes, launch new global menus, and let users exchange NFTs for real meals at their restaurants. . From table reservations to virtual restaurants, there’s so much to explore.
Brands in the metaverse
A decade ago, social media platforms began to creep into our lives and no one noticed. It is considered a fad, a youth game, and is constantly changing. But it’s not a fad. The leaders in this field have been able to create multi-million dollar businesses based on their social presence. Individuals have become brands in their own right, and over the past few years, traditional advertising has been gradually replaced by influencer marketing.
Today, many brands run their entire operations through their social profiles without the need for a physical location or website. Even those who are disgruntled about social media must accept its ability to reach audiences is universal. Metaverse is the next iteration of social media for brands, and this time, companies and marketers are on high alert.
With more and more companies realizing the power of community, brands are paving the way to curating a complete metaverse experience for consumers by 2022. Brands are working to leverage social media to improve their customer experience. makes users feel more connected and part of the creative process, and 3D Immersive Modeling will allow them to take it one step further.

All blockchain users want to get in early and lead. With the first launch of the metaverse, which is expected to make a splash in 2022. Believers, investors, users, gamers – everyone has reason to be excited about the metaverse and its endless possibilities.
While the metaverse developments are in the early stages, we will start to see the impact of the “one-world concept” in 2022. Virtual lands will be cared for similar to real land with NFT Art adorns virtual homes. Users will design their virtual characters with the same passion as their social media profiles. People will begin to discover the true meaning of a life without geographical barriers.
Life in the metaverse will be a long journey, and although we don’t know where it will lead, one thing is for sure, the metaverse is here to become reality..
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