Are you a startup? Do you have an idea for a software product that you want to develop? The stage of converting an idea into a software product is not simply starting to build a finished product, it has many disadvantages and risks leading to failure. So Tech Town is here to help you, we provide minimum viable product (MVP) development and you will need it. Let’s find out why.

What is MVP?

The term MVP comes from the Lean Startups methodology. It highlights the influence of “gradually perfecting” in the process of building a new software product. MVP in software development is an application that is not 100% full-featured and incomplete, but has enough basic features to attract early users. The core of MVP is for the development team to receive pioneering user feedback, which will then know how to improve or correct the product.

 Maybe that’s why startups are now focusing on developing MVPs, because this is a stepping stone to help you create high-quality products and succeed in your projects.

How does our MVP development service help startups

First, an MVP allows startups to bring products to market as quickly as possible. The early release of software will help startups get valuable lessons and experiences about the market. For example, entrepreneurs can test many marketing strategies and sales channels early on, and from there they can find the most effective way to promote their products.

 Second, this approach helps startups save a lot of software development costs. Because MVPs don’t need complicated features, product delivery times will be faster, and startups will spend less money on software development services.

 Finally, owning an MVP can attract investors. Because the customer’s initial interaction with a particular product is their primary concern. An MVP that shows a good solution to the needs of the market has a lot of potential to be invested. 

In summary, choosing to develop MVP at Tech Town is a wise way to save time and budget, especially for complex software development projects such as online marketplaces, social networks, etc.

MVP development process at Tech Town

1.   Identify the problem

In the first phase of building an MVP, we’ll check to see if your startup’s future product solves any user problems. Let’s ask questions that you want to get feedback from your target audience such as:

  •     Do they need this product?
  •     How does this product help them?
  •     What problem will it help them solve?

 Responding to those questions will help us build an MVP with clear goals.

 In fact, it makes sense to work on ideas to see how the target audience feels about the idea. If it is well recognized, we will start building the MVP, if not then you should try to find another idea.

2.   Market research

After step 1, perhaps the startup has successfully picked an idea. Are there any similar products available? That’s when we need to research the market and competitors.

 Competitor analysis is very important. With our long experience, we can advise a solution for a better product than the competition. In case we discover some competitor features that could win the startup’s product, we will suggest you to improve your idea, to bring even more benefits to customers.

3.   Define priority features

After doing market research, we save the problems users need to solve, then select the MVP features that are most valuable to customers.

 We first define user flow – it is the path taken by a user on a piece of software, to get the desired result. From that result, we can determine the preferred features. 

After creating the user flow, we list the features your product should have, and prioritize them, based on importance.

4.   Development of prototypes

Once we had enough materials from the above stages, it was time for us to create a prototype to validate the startup’s product idea, which visually describes what the startup’s future product will look like. any.

 Prototypes are more effective than static wireframes because of their tangibles, which not only helps to bridge the gap between conception and reality, it also allows prospective customers and potential investors of startups to understand the product. Products.

5.   Developing MVP

Once we reached the product development stage, we continued our MVP process with the help of Lean Startups aka Build – Measure – Learn (BML cycle) iterative continuously .

 The versions of MVPs we create are always cost-optimal, integrate core features while ensuring a beautiful and user-friendly interface, delivering an engaging experience for the target audience and making a good impression on them. with them.

6.   Get feedback

At the end of a BML cycle, Tech Town helps you collect and review customer feedback. Because the customer is the only one who can definitely figure out which features are important and which aren’t. From there, repair or change soon to help startups launch MVP as quickly as possible and receive follow-up feedback to develop perfect products.

Commitment from us

We are committed to providing startups with MVP development services with the following values:

  •     Cost-effective and quick to launch, reducing the possibility of being beaten by competitors in the market. At Tech Town, we follow the principles of Agile methodology, helping you see results quickly, make changes when required, and most importantly, reduce MVP development costs.
  •     Get the right solution for your startups’ needs. Tech Town always starts a project by exploring, analyzing ideas and customer requirements. From there, we provide project estimates, technology and functional system recommendations.
  •     Startups will receive advice from our experts on MVP development, having a lot of experience building MVPs for multiple fields. As a result, your product is created with the right technology, depending on the product requirements and can be extended if needed.

 When we collaborate with Tech Town, we don’t end with launching MVPs of startups, but will continue to monitor the software product for immediate troubleshooting if any. We believe our service will be a good help if startups don’t run an in-house IT team.

Tech Town is a technology company from Vietnam, specializing in providing technology solutions with the application of the most modern technology techniques such as Blockchain, AI, machine learning… Tech Town is also an application development company. and professional blockchain platform has cooperated with partners from many countries around the world such as the United States, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore,… and other developed countries.

Please contact us if your business has any technological challenges.  We hope that the information we have provided will be useful to you.  Tech Town knows how to turn your ideas into reality. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.



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