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Help you understand the mobile app programming service for businesses

The popularity of mobile devices is a pedal for developing mobile applications and becoming one of the effective business tools of Esopay 4.0 enterprises. In order to catch up with the market trend, many companies have been focusing on proprietary app programming. Hopefully Tech Town’s information brought in this article will help businesses better understand App Programming, as well as find their own most efficient App development solutions.

What is App programming

First we need to understand, what is the mobile application (Application)? These are the applications created to operate on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). There are currently two operating systems on the most popular mobile devices as iOS and Android, which are the platforms for users to download and use Apps.

Mobile App Programming is to indicate the task of creating mobile applications using programming languages ​​to write down the code lines, programming features used and designed according to the owner’s wishes. Each App will have different features, interfaces and systems to meet different needs. An application will create long-term use value, bringing a specific user experience. Therefore, a good application will attract many users to use and stick with it for a long time.

How to program App 

In order to create a complete application, the enterprise needs a team of IT proficiently using the App programming languages, with knowledge in the IT field and know how to grasp the design trends on the market. We will talk about 2 cases as follows: Self-programming App with available resources and Outsource Development App in technology companies.

Self-programming App

If your business is full of resources, namely a professional IT department including project management, programmer, designer, tester … then the self-development of a separate application is very feasible. But if in case the enterprise does not operate the IT team to concentrate resources for more important tasks, there will still be the App programming solution without IT knowledge, which is to use some tools Available, these tools are created to support App development without proficient programming language. We will mention immediately:


This is one of the most popular free-to-use app created platforms today. The reason is because businesses do not need to know write code, simply need to drag and drop operations … So the enterprise has an application of its own with basic features with a beautiful interface (delivery warehouse Available in TeraApp provides a lot of choices for businesses).

TeraApp provides cloud-based app design tools, creating applications that can operate on both iOS and Android.


Appteng is the earliest programming support tool, released by Vietnamese engineers. Although it was born early, AppTeng also used cloud computing technology to provide services to users. For Appteng, businesses can easily manipulate and create a mobile application that is characterized for its own within 10 minutes. Applications created by AppTeng can also run on both iOS and Android operating systems.


Ehubly created with the motto to help users design App without writing code, no need to learn programming. This tool has helped a lot of simple application development businesses with basic features, operating on both iOS and Android effectively. That helps Ehubly popular and is a lot used by businesses.

Of course, the demand for businesses on mobile applications is based on the basic level, creating the APP with the above tools is very suitable. But inevitable security or maintenance problems if an error occurs. So many businesses need to invest in developing quality APP with high difficulties, the next mentioned solution has been selected by most large enterprises.

Mobile App Programming – Thing Not To Be Missed

Rent the App Development Company

Outsourcing mobile application development is the current trend. Enterprises will not need to operate the IT department, do not need an understanding of App programming that can still own an application with ultra-high perfection, full-featured from simple to complex, interface Exclusive design, meeting the best design requirements App of enterprises, in addition to regular warranty and support mode from senior experts in the industry.

As a professional App development company, they will have a highly skilled and full IT department, ready to work for your business, perform the most suitable technology solution advice for Enterprises with long-term experience, professional workflows and clear, transparent prices and especially the entire business information, based on the contract provided.

Tech Town is a technology company from Vietnam. With an elite team of programming engineers and reasonable cost, we are confident to help you perfect the best product with the cost of being loaded. We are a professional outsourcing company with customers from many countries around the world such as: Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Uk, New Zealand, Singapore.

Tech Town’s team of programming engineers are all elite members coming out from leading technology companies, proficiently in programming languages ​​such as Ruby on Rails, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python …, professional in the application of the most modern technology techniques such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning … Tech Town experienced website development, on-demand applications on Android and iOS mobile platforms, always dedicated and professional in their work to bring customers  with software solutions that match the most reasonable cost.

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