Digital technology is the focus in the 4.0 era, it not only creates but also helps many industries and fields to develop. Education is also one of the areas that greatly benefit from Information Technology. In this Tech Town article, we will learn with you about the new educational technology trends that will take the throne in the future.

What is educational technology?

Education Technology (abbreviated as Edtech) is the application of technology in education. Edtech is being applied more and more widely and in fact, it also brings about high training efficiency for schools and educational institutions. According to a report by Edtech UK, London & Partners, the level of investment in the global educational technology industry was 45 billion GBP in 2015, increasing to 129 billion GBP in 2020. According to TechCrunch, by 2020, Asia region – Pacific will account for 54% of the EdTech market. It is also proof that educational technology is developing strongly.


Nowadays, students in general can search through smart devices to get all materials or even teachers’ lectures from organizations that apply educational technology. This gives students more opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge.

Future technology trends of the education sector

Virtual classroom

This is not really a new technology in today’s technology trends , but after the Covid-19 pandemic appeared, causing many schools to close, courses on the training management system (Learning Management System – LMS) have since become more popular. This E-learning platform allows students to interact or ask questions to the lecturer from anywhere with an internet connection, moreover they can also learn the content according to their desires. It is not only a convenient learning environment for students at home, but also a tool to help teachers manage students effectively from afar.


The application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology both helps teachers manage students effectively, and the built virtual classroom becomes much more transparent and clear.

Personalize learning

Personalized learning is the key to the success of educational technology in the 21st century. Today’s online training platforms provide students with a flexible learning environment. they can hone their knowledge according to their personal availability.


Educational activities will change according to the trend of providing learning materials suitable to each student’s level and knowledge. From there, teachers can also detect the weaknesses of each student and have solutions to overcome those weaknesses. This will ensure that students will be developed at each level and achieve the best results when applying technology in education.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

AI technology has been changing the way of teaching and learning around the world by creating online classes, facilitating assessment or monitoring of learning conducted by teachers on an online platform. AR and VR are virtual classroom assistants, helping teachers capture students’ attention and build better, more engaging lessons. Thereby increasing the interaction between teachers – learners, bringing efficiency for both sides.

Programming system

The programming system developed based on command blocks, also known as block-based coding, is the perfect stepping stone for high school students to easily access the basics of programming. Presented in block format, students will be able to easily create multimedia-based projects. Stand out like making cartoons, or science projects. This outstanding programming system will be able to enhance students’ creativity in technology.

Cloud computing

Advances in cloud technology allow us to integrate it into education. Data such as curricula, student records, score information, and achievements are all effectively managed with cloud computing technology. It will also make it possible for teachers to perform basic administrative work such as managing tuition or online enrollment and generating report cards.

Blended Learning

The popular learning method when applying technology in education is blended learning. This can be considered as the best choice to help students’ learning without interruption during the Covid-19 pandemic, while still ensuring student safety.


Blended learning is the resonance of two forms of traditional learning and online learning. This technology-based educational model helps students learn on their own, discover knowledge on their own, while also being supported and led by teachers. This learning method helps students in the class interact with each other better, creating extremely dynamic classes.

Classroom expert

Since the advent of the Internet and smart devices, online classes taught by classroom experts delivered to students in digital format have become increasingly popular.

Teachers and professionals can teach only through online teaching software without having to spend time commuting to school. This creates more convenience for the teacher, moreover also attracts many students to participate in 1 lesson.

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