Startups have an idea to build the next Amazon or Airbnb and boom in the market? With Tech Town’s online marketplace development services, we help startups build optimized and engaging platforms that drive massive amounts of traffic, increase customer conversions, and drive revenue. We help you create a customizable, scalable marketplace website with high quality and user engagement.

What is online marketplace?

An online marketplace (or online e-commerce marketplace) is a type of e-commerce website where product or service information is provided by many third parties. Online marketplace is omnichannel e-commerce and a way to streamline the production process. In an online marketplace, users’ transactions are processed by the marketplace operator, and then distributed and executed by participating retailers/wholesalers.

Types of web online marketplace Tech Town can develop

Whether startups need to create a B2B marketplace or a multi-vendor marketplace platform, Tech Town can help you develop any marketplace website, such as:

  •     Business to Business (B2B)
  •     Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  •     Multi-vendor marketplace
  •     Business to Consumer (B2C)
  •     Peer to Peer (P2P)
  •     Market network

Tech Town’s custom online marketplace development process

1. Research & Discover

Taking this stage in online marketplace development helps our development team understand the business goals and audience that startups are targeting, and recommend the best solution to address them.

2. Product Design (UX and UI)

We started designing prototypes and UX/UI for startups’ marketplace based on product requirements and target audience. This helps us capture the customer journey and build an intuitive custom app that delights your users.

3. Developing MVP

Tech Town’s experienced team builds MVPs on the latest industry standards, creating secure, scalable, maintainable products and developing new features as needed.

4. Optimization and QA

Through our efforts to monitor and test each marketplace website we create, we optimize our code to ensure the quality and effectiveness of all the custom solutions we offer.

5. Deployment, monitoring and support

We keep an eye on your marketplace even after it’s launched, so we can quickly resolve any issues that arise. If startups do not operate an internal technical team, Tech Town will regularly monitor and support your products.

Our secret to building a successful online marketplace

In developing online marketplaces, we always have a user-centric motto, combined with the idea of a great business model of startups, which will be the key to creating effective and profitable online marketplaces. With over 4 years of experience building and launching multiple marketplaces, Tech Town experts have gathered best practices. And here are the proven, successful marketplace development steps we recommend to startups:

  •     Find a niche and choose a market type
  •     Make business model decisions
  •     Decide on user acquisition techniques
  •     Validate ideas with prototypes and feedback from early adopters
  •     Define required features
  •     UX/UI Design
  •     Choose the most suitable platform or technology to use
  •     Build and launch MVP
  •     Advertise, develop and scale the product.

What basic features should startups’ marketplace have?

Tech Town always advises our partners to start their online marketplace software development with a minimum viable product (MVP). Developing only the necessary features allows startups to quickly test their ideas, while saving time and budget. The online marketplace web products we build are highly scalable, making it easy for you to develop additional features in the future.


With professional marketplace development services, our team can complete the products of startups in the shortest time. These are the minimum features that we usually recommend startups when building an MVP online marketplace:

  •     Buyer.
  •     Manufacture.
  •     Inventory.
  •     Products.
  •     Order.
  •     Payment.
  •     Reviews.
  •     Filter.

Our online marketplace software product standards

We help startups build high-quality custom marketplace software platforms following the latest industry standards and best practices:


  •     Beautiful and intuitive user interface.
  •     Easy navigation.
  •     Reasonable layout.
  •     Enhance user experience.

High speed

  •     Open apps in less than 3 seconds
  •     Find and preload needed resources
  •     Equip CDN, Cache, HTML/CSS

Can be expanded

  •     Create a static website first
  •     Stick to PRPL pattern (Push, Render, Pre-cache, Lazy-load)
  •     Best DevOps Standards


  •     Default SSL
  •     No security holes exist
  •     Security against attacks: Injection, XSS, CSRF

SEO Friendly

  •     Applying SEO best practices
  •     Server-side rendering (SSR) support

PWA by default

  •     Mobile-friendly
  •     Independent connection
  •     Discoverable and Installable

Attract users

  •     Integrated push notifications
  •     Optimize customer conversion
  •     Enable Tracking pixels

Easy management

Content Management System (CMS) integration

Advantages when startups use online marketplace development services at Tech Town

Cost savings and quick launch

Our development process is guaranteed to be efficient and transparent, helping us build the marketplace on time and on budget.

Increase conversion rates and sales

We design the user journey with intuitive, engaging UX, create a marketplace platform that appeals to and engages users.

SEO Optimization

We build mobile-friendly online marketplaces that rank high and drive traffic thanks to Google’s mobile-first principles.

Best industry standard

We follow all the industry trends in the market, share our expertise with the startups team and align our development process to best standards.

Dedicated support team

Our team prides itself on bringing good direction and solutions, emphasizing communication, flexibility and building long-term cooperation relationships with startups.

Support after launch

Our online marketplace development service doesn’t end when the startups website is live. Our trusted support team will continue to assist to ensure your platform runs smoothly.


Tech Town can turn your online marketplace idea into reality, contact us to discuss your idea.






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