Given the unprecedented pace of developing and releasing new technology in today’s modern world, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) programs can face many challenges. when widely applied. From hardware and rules to software and applications, AR/VR implementations, like any emerging technology, have their own concerns and challenges. In this article, Tech Town will address 3 common concerns businesses have when looking to apply AR/VR solutions to their infrastructure, along with how to address these concerns. .

1. Set up privacy rules

Many companies are not familiar with how data is handled when using VR/AR applications for business purposes, which causes cybersecurity concerns.


Example: What if cybercriminals could manipulate AR apps and mine data to access confidential information, such as business accounts? Therefore, implementing the necessary security protocols is an important part of ensuring data is protected from external threats.


For the majority of business initiatives, it is important to establish a user authentication process. By removing the incognito mode, the participant’s identity can be easily determined each time the app is used, which prevents potential security issues from arising.


Similar to other enterprise software, integrating VR/AR technology into an enterprise’s secure information management system will ensure that data is encrypted and all usage is recorded for the purpose. reporting purposes.

2. Develop the right applications

Another concern surrounding the adoption of AR and VR technology is the thought that programs are often limited to apps such as games and social media filters. The fact is, with a wide range of enterprise AR/VR solutions available and many highly customizable applications, they can be tailored to address a wide range of business use cases across multiple industries. For example, large corporations are successfully implementing AR/VR technology for training and development as well as human resource management programs to increase efficiency and maximize ROI.


From 3D interactive visualizations of devices to employee referral programs and process training solutions, the most relevant apps can be well-sourced, configured, or created to serve your needs. specific needs of the business. By using AR/VR apps in training, businesses are allowing users to learn at their own pace, build and decipher different, error-prone problems without worry. about the cost of damaging expensive or dangerous equipment.

3. Minimizing physical risks for end users

When using VR or AR apps, end users enjoy immersive experiences. But that can be distracting and can lead to potential cases of injury. For example, when Pokemon Go was initially released, it became a global craze, supported by millions of players around the globe. However, we may have seen many cases of people getting physically injured while playing games. Fortunately, these factors are not common at the enterprise level.


The risk of physical injury is significantly reduced in corporate facilities where AR/VR systems are located in an environment that eliminates potential hazards. However, if AR/VR will be used to enhance training or support workplace operations in environments such as warehouses or production lines, safety plans are still important. Establishing safety guidelines and ensuring users take advantage of technology in a protected space is a key focus for consultants helping businesses implement solutions.


Hopefully the information Tech Town brings above will be useful for businesses. If your business is looking for a reputable AR VR application development company, a team of highly qualified engineers with reasonable costs, Tech Town is confident to become the right choice for your business.


Tech Town is a technology company from Vietnam, with representative offices in the United States, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands,… We provide AR & VR application development services for businesses, optimize content delivery with immersive technologies, enhance the performance of decentralized systems, enhance customer experience, and delight next-generation users. In more than 4 years of operation, Tech Town has become a reputable technology partner trusted by startups and enterprises from many countries around the world such as the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, the UK and other countries. other developers.


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