Chính Sách Bảo Vệ Dữ Liệu/ Data Protection Policy

Tech Town is committed to international compliance with data protection laws. This Data Protection Policy applies worldwide to Tech Town and is based on globally accepted, basic principles on data protection. Ensuring data protection is the foundation of trustworthy relationships and the reputation of Tech Town as a credible organisation.
The Data Protection Policy ensures the adequate level of data protection as prescribed by relevant legal frameworks, including in countries that do not yet have adequate data protection laws.
Tech Town data protection policy is meant to be a practical and easy to understand document to which all Tech Town departments, stakeholders and partners can refer to.

Tiêu Chuẩn Đặt Mật Khẩu / Password Standard

Passwords are the first line of defence for our ICT systems and together with the user ID help to establish that people are who they claim to be.
A poorly chosen or misused password is a security risk and may impact upon the confidentiality,integrity or availability of our computers and systems.
This standard provides guidance on how to best set, change and protect passwords.

Chính Sách Quản Lý Tài Sản / Asset Management Policy

This policy provides procedures and protocols supporting effective organizational asset management specifically focused on electronic devices.

Chính Sách Lưu Trữ và Huỷ Dữ Liệu / Data Retention and Destruct1ion Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the activities associated with the provision of data retention and destruction plans and programs that protect Tech Town information systems,  networks, data, databases and other information assets.
Additional policies governing data, management activities will be addressed separately.

Chính Sách Kiểm Soát Truy Cập / Access Control Policy

Tech Town will establish specific requirements for protecting information and information systems against unauthorised access. Tech Town also will effectively communicate the need for information and information system access control.
This policy is intended to ensure that access controls are implemented and in compliance with IT security policies, standards, and procedures.

Quy Trình Quản Lý Vi Phạm Dữ Liệu / Data Breach Management Procedure

The purpose of this Procedure is to standardise Tech Town response to any reported personal data breach incident, and ensure all incidents are managed in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines.

Chính Sách Quản Lý Thiết Bị Di Động / Mobile Device Management Policy

This policy defines standards, procedures, and restrictions for any and all end users with legitimate business uses connecting mobile devices to Tech Town’s corporate network, digital resources, and data.

Chính sách An Ninh Mạng / Network Security Policy

A network security policy is a formal document that outlines the principles, procedures and guidelines to enforce, manage, monitor and maintain security on a computer network. It is designed to ensure that the computer network is protected from any act or process that can breach its security.

Chính Sách Quản Lý Thay Đổi / Change Management Policy

The purpose of the policy is to establish the rules for the creation, evaluation, implementation, and tracking of changes made to Tech Town Information Resources.

Chính Sách Quản Lý và Phân Loại Thông Tin / Information Classification and Management Policy

The purpose of the Tech Town Information Classification and Management Policy to provide a system for classifying and managing Information Resources according to the risks associated with its storage, processing, transmission, and destruction.

Chính Sách Bảo Mật Vật lý / Physical Security Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and secure working environment and promote the protection of our assets. We must maintain the security of our confidential information (such as Company Sensitive Information and personally identifiable information (“PII”)), as well as the information shared with us by our customers and Tech Town’partners.
We strive to maintain customer-friendly procedures to ensure only authorized employees, partners, contractors, and visitors have access to our facilities

Chính Sách Quản Lý Bản Vá / Patch Management Policy

Vendors regularly deliver feature updates, correct malfunctions, and issue security patches to improve the performance and eliminate security vulnerabilities in their products. Prompt adoption of these updates protects against threats and potentially improves the experience for users and can improve productivity for the organization. Unpatched resources expose users, data, and other company resources to unacceptable risk.
This Patch Management Policy: Outlines the expectations, requirements, basic procedures to maintain Tech Town