Project description

Develop the homepage for Revollet’s website with a modern interface and meet necessary functions such as content management and transaction management within the system. Next, build a Revollet platform with features such as transfer and withdraw money, crypto, exchanges, and other OTC services

Process & Results

TECH TOWN has designed the homepage with a modern visual look and user-friendly, up to 50 pages of categories, and integrated with the Content Management System (CMS)

TECH TOWN also built a blockchain platform for Revollet with the features such as transfer from crypto to prepaid cards, transfer from crypto to ATM, transfer crypto to bank accounts, transfer from crypto to credit cards. Revollet e-wallet can conduct various conversions from cash to crypto and between cryptos, issue of prepaid cards to use crypto accounts, cross-bank, cross-product transfer in the Revollet system, Forex and crypto exchange 24/7 in the system.

During the process, TECH TOWN uses the Ruby programming language (Ruby on Rails) to develop the website and synchronize data in real-time of many kinds of currencies.

The project is completed after 6 months, and Revollet’s application has officially launched for 2 years now, exceeds the expectations from our client. With the trust from Revollet, TECH TOWN still continue to build 4 more platforms for the client in the future.