Project description​

Bliss Bank wants to design a website with a modern interface to deliver the information effectively and bring trusted values to clients from major worldwide associations. Besides, Bliss Bank wants to build an e-wallet and e-banking system, which can help them be proactive in managing the financial activities and the huge amount of the customer’s transactions.

Process & Results​

TECH TOWN started to conceptualize and build the website according to our partner’s requirement and taste: Modern design and can deliver the information effectively. During the implementation process, TECH TOWN also provided other alternatives as well as set out a strict process in order to finish every stage on the deadline. TECH TOWN also paid special attention to the SEO factor in Bliss Bank’s website, improving the SEO capability to help our client increase the brand recognition on the result page of the search engines and gain customer trust.

Next, TECH TOWN built the Bliss Bank system which includes an e-wallet and e-banking system with full of features for managers and users such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer, fund transfer, term deposit, debit card… TECH TOWN also does the Front-end & Back-end for the system. Other extensions integrated into the Fintech application for Bliss Bank include cross-border transactions, a worldwide-used debit system, accept any kind of currencies (USD, YEN, EURO,..)

The time for handing over the final product is 4 months since the first day of the contract. With the trust from Bliss Bank, TECH TOWN is still continuing to maintain the website and the Bliss Bank system, including the e-wallet and e-banking system.