Project description

According to QTS Australia, the client needs a website full of necessary features, user-friendly interface and can be customized easily by the marketing team. The website is linked to the LMS (Learning Management System) of QTS, integrated with the Content Management System (CMS) and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to optimize the working processes between departments within the company. In the future, QTS aims to develop an LXP system for their company.

Execute and result

QTS’s website is built by the Ruby on Rails programming language, which is linked with the LMS system, helping students have access faster; the website has a user-friendly UX/UI and can be customized by the marketing team. TECH TOWN Studio also establishes the Content Management System (CMS) with the features of creating content, as well as storing, editing, and sharing, user management and authorization. TECH TOWN also provides the CRM (Customer relationship management) system integrated with important features such as student information management and security, control the customer care status of the sales team as well as the information of the previous student for remarketing. The website is also integrated with the content scanner system by AI, helping deliver the content to the right student, allowing them to adjust their lesson according to their interests.

Besides the project, TECH TOWN also helps our client maintain the system, ensuring the stability of the technology platform for QTS. The cooperation has brought a stable development for QTS. It has been 5 years since the first cooperation and it will continue to grow in the future.