Project description​

Conduct a mobile application for building management full of necessary features, play the role of an official information channel to connect and solve the problems related to the Management Department – Project investment owner – Citizens, optimize the management model and improve the building operation quality.

Execute and result

TECH TOWN design the Lancaster Living app with features such as Building management, administration and decentralization, citizen management includes Information, responses, feedback, request, create accounts for citizens; Extension management includes electricity and water index, payment status, payment methods; Technical management (fixing, installing…); publish reports, statistics. The application has been developed on 2 platforms: website for the Management Department and the investment owner, the mobile platform (Android and IOS) for the citizens. 

Technology used:

  • We use Ruby programming language (Ruby on Rails) to build the website.
  • For the application, we use Swift language and ensure to synchronize the data with the websites

With the handover result which exceeds our customer’s expectation: Modern design, operate smoothly and stably, TECH TOWN continues to gain customer trust from TTG in maintaining and upgrading the system in the future.