Product development process from start to finish

Tech Town believes that all work in a software development project must be planned, divided into stages and arranged in a reasonable sequence. The more streamlined and scientific the development process is, the better the software product is created and works better.

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Our project execution process from start to finish

At Tech Town, we follow the principles of the Agile methodology – Scrum helps you see results quickly, implement changes when required, and most importantly, reduce product development costs.


After receiving the partner's request, our team proceeds to develop a development plan, we always propose at least 2-3 plans to help partners have more options and suitable solutions.

Requirements Analysis

Our experts will go into each step, analyzing data from partners to produce a detailed report on the software development plan. This is an important step to determine the quality of the final product.

Designing and Prototyping

After analyzing the specific requirements of our partners, we will design preliminary drawings as well as create prototypes (interoperable) to shape the software and validate the requirements.

Start programming

Then, our developers use the right technology and programming languages ​​to create products that are highly interoperable in the market and help businesses achieve project success.


Testing is an integral step in the software development process. In order to create a finished product, the product needs to be tested many times to ensure quality and to fix errors early in the development process.

Project implementation

Once we have agreed on the quality and operability of the software, we will hand over the software to the enterprise for project implementation.


With each product created, we are committed to lifetime support, warranty, product upgrade and expansion advice, helping partners and customers have the best software use experience at all times.

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Advantage from our method

Easy change

The project is divided by us into small, separate and independent parts, so changes at any stage are made very easily.

Pay attention to customer and user feedback

Both the customer and the end user can contribute ideas and feedback, which has a positive effect on the final product.

There's no need to make all the requests in the first place

Suitable for projects that do not have an end goal yet, this is not too necessary in the early stages.

Continuous improvement

Our process encourages team members to work and drives customer feedback, which helps stages to be continuously checked and improved again if needed.

Faster handover

Our breaking down of projects allows the development team to test piece by piece, identify and fix bugs quickly, deliver work consistently, and get it done faster.

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Advantage from our method

Highly qualified human resources

With more than 5 years of experience in implementing product development projects for domestic and foreign business partners, Tech Town is confident to meet all human resource needs, helping you to reduce investment costs in recruitment and IT training for your business.


We use the most optimal tools and own a team of leading technology engineers, taking care of most of the work in the project, helping you save costs and focus resources on business strategies. core.

Fast and quality service

The Agile approach we follow helps get your product to market faster, optimally converting your ideas and feedback into a high-quality product.

Absolute security

We adhere to strict privacy policy according to international standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and CMMi level 3 framework to ensure 100% safety of your resources and data.


Through products that are completed beyond expectations and delivered on time or earlier than committed, we have won the trust of many businesses/groups in the United States, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands,. ..

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