In the field of website development, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a popular concept in recent times. Basically, a PWA is a website that looks like an application on smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc. Should startups develop PWAs or not? What will the future PWA trend look like? This article by Tech Town will help startups answer those questions.

Status of PWA in 2021

PWA is essentially a development trend. So new technologies and features from major platforms are constantly contributing to the development of PWA. The definition of a PWA has long been imprecise, making it difficult to track market share, but Chrome estimates suggest that PWA-like page loads are currently around 19%.


A survey of leaders in the e-commerce sector found that 9% of e-commerce companies planned to invest in PWAs in 2021. In addition, 8% of e-commerce companies reported that they have developed a PWA and that 28% of companies do not have a plan for it.


Research shows that the financial value of the PWA market will reach $10.77 billion by 2027, representing a year-over-year growth of over 30% between now and then.


The current PWA is quite well supported, although there are still some limitations. All popular platforms including iOS, Mac, Android, and PC are offering some measure of PWA support. Of the platforms, Android offers the best support, while iOS and Mac are the most limited. Apple’s tight control over the apps available on its platform is the biggest obstacle to PWA adoption on iOS.


Developers and project owners considering adopting PWAs in their applications should consider these limitations. The PWA market is growing steadily, with multiple platforms supported, so early adopters can see the potential to stay ahead of their competitors. Although it is currently not possible to calculate exactly how long this growth could take.

PWA Trends in 2022

One bright spot is that there are some significant improvements in the PWA market, specifically the partnership between Microsoft and Google. Microsoft recently announced that PWABuilder will use Google’s Bubblewrap technology. PWABuilder is Microsoft’s development tool that makes it easier to build PWAs, and Bubblewrap helps developers package their apps for distribution on the Google Play app store.


This announcement comes along with the introduction of support for new features, including native app shortcuts, and advanced Android features that are now available on PWABuilder. The collaborative efforts of the two giants Google and Microsoft provide a promising future for PWA.

Should Startups Adopt PWAs in 2022?

Tech Town’s answer is YES, if your product strategy needs to penetrate the market quickly and have wide coverage on many platforms with a single code base. PWAs allow startups to develop and distribute web applications quickly and easily, while benefiting from the minimum time and budget required to deploy the application in case of limited resources, Encourage early adopters to visit the app and keep them engaged with the help of push notifications and banners. PWAs are an effective tool to implement marketing strategies.


PWAs also help startups benefit from giving users access to high-performance platforms, providing a more streamlined, streamlined user experience. PWAs can be the choice for developing software tied to a single chosen platform, to benefit from the critical native features that are precisely supported by that platform.


Other PWA use cases are when startups’ apps require offline mode support or need an existing legacy website app. For example, we can create a PWA from an old website using React with minimal time compared to building a new app from start to finish.

Tech Town PWA Development Services: What We Do?

Similar to software development like web or mobile apps, we will start with discovery, prototyping, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. Then our team will create a PWA that can work on any platform and on any device. The PWA development process itself must also be continuously adjusted to suit the specific needs of startups, so we are aware of the needs and interests of our partners. Products should always be continuously tested to correct errors and prevent defects from occurring again.


If startups already have a website and want to adapt PWA technology, we always provide a detailed and properly planned strategy.


We also provide SEO services to ensure that the website and the corresponding PWA are easily searchable. An SEO-friendly PWA can dramatically increase traffic and customer conversions.


Once the PWA development is over and the final product is released, Tech Town will provide its partners with a team of PWA developers with ongoing monitoring, support, and maintenance duties.


Do you have an idea for a PWA for a startup? We can turn your idea into a finished product.


Please contact us to discuss your ideas.



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