The software development market is expanding, software as a service (SaaS) is more and more popular in the world. As a nascent model, SaaS will even soon replace the traditional licensing software model. So what is SaaS? What are the benefits of the transition to SaaS for startups? The article about SaaS development services at Tech Town will help you understand those things.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

To put it simply, SaaS is a cloud-based software delivery method that takes place entirely over the Internet. The SaaS product uses a subscription-based pricing model. This makes it possible for customers to use a premium software at a much more affordable price.


SaaS is completely cloud-based, allowing instant access, even requiring no installation, which means updates are automatic. It allows owners and startups to retain control even after the product has been purchased. The feature of SaaS is that it does not sell product lifetime rights to customers, but they must purchase regular renewal packages through a flexible pricing subscription model.


SaaS applications are often referred to as web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted applications. They run on vendor servers rather than through internal infrastructure, which frees startups from buying and maintaining expensive hardware, and improves security, availability, and capabilities extensibility.

What is SaaS Development?

The purpose of SaaS development is focused on helping customers optimize resources based on their unique development and delivery model.


Thanks to being completely cloud-based, all development, distribution and maintenance activities can be done quickly and smoothly. This form of cloud-based development and distribution also allows users to gain access to complex and unique features that traditional software formats would not allow.


The SaaS development service at Tech Town covers the entire application development lifecycle, allowing startups the option of choosing a complete SaaS development package or just specific segments.

Benefits of SaaS for startups

Once we understand what SaaS is, we can see that when used effectively, startups can save time, money and resources. The benefits behind that can be mentioned as:

  •     Reduced initial costs for users.
  •     Bringing stable and regular income to startups through subscription model.
  •     Allows trial to test the software.
  •     Increase scalability and reach.
  •     The product is ready to use and can be updated even after purchase.
  •     Attract a large number of customers by reducing initial costs.

Why tech startups should own their own SaaS platform

Any two startups are never the same, even startups operating in the same field. Therefore, each startup has unique needs and processes. To keep up with the changing market, startups must adapt to the needs of customers to outpace the competition. The best way to do that is with the right software for specific processes.


However, choosing a software that can change to suit the stages of startups is not easy. Applications are often designed for use by entire industries, so it can be difficult to tailor them to your own requirements.


One of the most obvious advantages of having SaaS businesses is that they are built using web technology, so are highly adaptable and extremely flexible. In other words, they are much easier to customize to meet the business needs of startups.


With a custom-built SaaS platform, startups can own the entire software from A to Z, having control over its features and how it is built.

SaaS development service at Tech Town

It’s time for startups to find their own SaaS development partner, Tech Town is pleased to help you with our SaaS development services, including:

SaaS development consulting

Have a great idea for a SaaS product but don’t run an in-house IT team? Tech Town’s SaaS development consultants can help startups figure out how to achieve their goals and drive profits. Our team applies agile methodology, cutting-edge design skills and smart strategies, helping startups to solve real-world business challenges you face, be it finding a new approach. to solve an old problem, or create a completely new product for the market.

SaaS application development

Startups need an app that can scale like it works anywhere, on any platform, engages customers, and seamlessly syncs your images across the web? That’s why we use our long experience, technical expertise and design thinking to create forward-looking products that stand out from the crowd.


At Tech Town, we deliver products with intelligent UX/UI, delivered through a trusted cloud infrastructure. Our SaaS products are always ready to scale as your startup grows. We deliver innovation, leveraging mobile technology to create products with modern functionality and aesthetics that help you delight old customers and attract new ones.

SaaS Performance Optimization

The success of a SaaS product depends on its ability to deliver a fast, intuitive experience. Because slow performance will frustrate users by disrupting their experience. When startups face delays, loss, bandwidth limitations, network congestion, etc., you can see that operational productivity, customer and employee morale will be severely reduced.


That’s why we focused on optimizing startups’ SaaS, making it lightweight and reliable for a consistent and positive user experience. All of your customers deserve to experience great performance whenever they access your application. We apply the latest networking tools to make that a reality. When SaaS performance is optimized, startups can spend time focusing on more important businesses.

Support and maintenance

Your startup is constantly evolving and expanding. So you need technology that can scale. That’s why we provide ongoing support and maintenance for SaaS startups. We know that startups will want to develop new features, new functionality, and new capabilities as they scale. And as startups grow, so does the need for security.


We’re here as startups partners, providing you with the help you need with updates and upgrades, instant feedback, and troubleshooting. All are focused on keeping startups’ data safe wherever they are. We will handle it all in terms of technology, giving startups peace of mind to handle their business.


Have an idea for a SaaS for your startup? We can turn your idea into a finished product.


Please contact us to discuss your ideas.



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