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We participate in product development at any stage

Tech Town pays special attention to analyzing ideas, understanding the product market, customer problems and making plans for implementation from them. In order to provide the right solution, we encourage our customers to describe their ideas in detail, provide requirements, and work with us to assess challenges and find the right solutions.

Prototype is a tangible visualization of the product idea. We make prototypes based on product ideas, customer requirements and target market analysis results. From prototype, we have the stepping stone to turn your idea into a finished product.

The product MVP is an effective test of the product idea. We help customers develop MVP products at an optimal cost, integrating core features while ensuring a beautiful and user-friendly interface, delivering an engaging experience for the target audience and making a good impression. for them.

Tech Town not only develops products at an early stage for startups, but also supports project scaling. Therefore, we will continue to work with the MVP by fixing problems and providing solutions to develop new features as required.

As a professional software developer, Tech Town offers a complete software product development service from start to finish, including: Idea analysis, target market research, identification of technology used , framework design, UX/UI design, project management, provide CTO, front-end, back-end, testing, maintenance and lifetime support.

Hiring an ODC (Offshore development center) is an effective solution to save budget when implementing technology projects. We provide our customers with experienced developers, technology resources such as: Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, React, CSS,… Guaranteed to best meet customer requirements row.

Hiring an in-house CTO may not be possible for startups, although this is paramount. To assist our clients in this, we provide professional CTOs who help solve technology and business issues, conduct complex integrations, guide teams, ensure operational processes and Support to promote products to the market.

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Optimizing cost when executing projects

We provide you with the best-completed product at a reduced price

Highly experienced technical team

Work efficiently with many programming language such as Ruby on Rails, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python... , and always be professional and dedicated.

Support troubleshooting 24/7

Observe and maintain the system after handing over, handle problems in a timely manner


Customer-centric is our prior criteria when executing the projects to create a user-friendly products

Always meet the deadline or sooner as planned

With the professional working style and a strict process, we ensure to finish every project sooner or meet the deadline as planned

// Our process

Our Product Development Process

Discuss and plan

Survey ideas, analyze requirements, understand the target market, assess the status quo, establish the necessary process and technology infrastructure.

Create product prototypes and wireframes

With the document analyzed, we proceed to design the prototype and wireframes for the product.

Assemble a team

We select the right factors for the project requirements including: Project Managers, Data Analysts, Programming Engineers, Testers, Designers, Technical Support,...

Developing MVP

Build an MVP product with core features and an intuitive and engaging UX/UI.

Complete product development

From the MVP, we do the programming, build the layout of the sections, get feedback and edit according to the customer's requirements.


Check and correct errors if any.

Bảo trì và hỗ trợ

After handing over the project, we continue to regularly monitor, perform maintenance and advise on future upgrades and expansions.


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