Tech Town, officially located in Canada, is ready to optimally meet the digital transformation needs of businesses here

Canada’s trend of digital transformation is growing strongly, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, which has greatly boosted the potential of the online business market. Therefore, Tech Town has officially opened a representative office in Canada to best meet the needs of Technology for Canadian businesses.

Digital transformation trends of Canadian businesses

If you read any business magazine, IT news, it’s not difficult to find many examples of companies that are “digitally transformational.” This trend aims to increase business efficiency, improve predictability, update events in real time and create new online products and services. Digital transformation also helps established businesses operate effectively and increase competitiveness.

Manufacturing companies in Canada can drive innovation and transform their operations efficiently. Digitization will impact the research, design, fabrication, distribution and consumption of products, the processes of the supply chain and the operation of factories.

According to the report from International Data Corporation (IDC), from the technology aspects, the service will continue to lead and account for 47% of the total market in 2020, the remaining 53% belongs to hardware and software. In the service segment, technology services will account for nearly half of the market. The hardware market will undergo the biggest recession, with a growth rate of 14% by 2020 – compared to the forecast of Covid-19, mostly due to global supply chain interruptions. On the other hand, the software market has a higher flexibility, with home-working policies applied, there will also be increasing demand for software to facilitate group cooperation and management processes. The software market share in 2020 will increase by 1% and is expected to reach over 25% by 2023.

Figures show that the digital transformation trend in Canada has actually exploded after the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for digitalization in enterprises has increased sharply and services to provide information technology solutions have become very necessary.

Tech Town is already in Canada, ready to meet the digitization  needs of businesses.

Tech Town is a Technology Company from Vietnam, with more than four years of experience in IT, founded by a group of passionate and highly skilled software engineers in the IT industry, operating with the desire to provide modern and friendly technology products to its customers.

Tech Town’s team of programming engineers are all elite members coming out from leading technology companies, proficiently in programming languages ​​such as Ruby on Rails, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python …, professional in the application of the most modern technology techniques such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning … Tech Town experienced website development, on-demand applications on Android and iOS mobile platforms, always dedicated and professional in their work to bring customers  with software solutions that match the most reasonable cost.

Through our completed products, we always finish our projects on time or sooner as planned, accompanied by a dedicated support and warranty policy. Tech Town has  collaborated and satisfied partners from many countries around the world such as Canada, The Netherlands, Japan,  Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore.

TECH TOWN – Opens a Representative Office in Canada

In projects that have worked with partners in Canada, thanks to good product quality, affordable cost and fast delivery, Tech Town has received much credibility from businesses in The Land of Maple Leaf. In 2021, Tech Town officially opened a representative office in Canada with detailed information:

  • Address: 100 City Centre Dr. Unit 206 – Level 1, Mississauga, ON, L5B 2C9
  • Contact: Mr. Thao Dang – (647)949-3333
  • Email:

With a representative office in Canada, this is a new step to help Tech Town approach the outsourcing market in Canada, closer to the business, and promises to best meet the needs of software services, while bringing maximum support policy to our customers here.

Contact us if your business faces any technological obstacles.



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