Custom website design is a service chosen by many businesses because they want to have their own unique website. Because a custom-designed website can best meet business needs and optimize customer experience, and bring long-term effectiveness. In this article, let’s learn about this form of web design with Tech Town.

custom web design ?

The current cost-saving and time-saving solution is to design a website according to an available template. This form can still create a website that works well with a beautiful interface, however, it cannot be customized according to the wishes of the business, which makes it impossible for you to meet 100% of the needs of customers. mine. 

This is what we mean: Custom website design . This form creates a website for the business itself, integrating everything needed to serve business needs. 

All a business needs is a website idea, exchange it with a website design partner to be consulted and developed into a finished product. This process has many stages that a reputable software development company will usually take care of all as well as support consulting and making changes according to the requirements of the business to bring a website satisfactory to the business. professional, customer-friendly and potentially profitable. Of course, you also need knowledge of these processes, Tech Town will leave it for later in the article.

Should the website be designed according to the available interface?


  •     Cost savings: This is the most prominent benefit that this solution brings. The cost of designing a website according to an available template is much lower than a custom website design . Because to redesign an existing interface does not take time, does not take effort to build from scratch, does not waste brainpower to think about arranging layout, choosing colors, …
  •     Quick design time: Because of the convenience of available resources, it usually takes designers only 3-5 days, which is very fast compared to custom website design .
  •     More secure: Businesses can preview the look and feel of the web and prepare the design. You will still have a full-featured website as well as manage the source code with ease. Although the template is available, you can still edit some details according to your personal requirements. It is much more secure than using an open source website.
  •     In addition, the enterprise has chosen the desired interface in advance, so it will be easy to agree with the interface after designing, the designer does not have to edit much.


Besides the above advantages, this method of website design also has many disadvantages. The biggest downside is that the business will not own a single website, not completely separate and optimized as desired. The design is based on an existing template, so there will be certain similarities with the running web and the tasks cannot be changed. 

The second disadvantage of this form of design is that the website cannot have all the features and interfaces required. It has been limited samples in stock available. This is the most limited disadvantage of this method and the reason why many businesses do not choose this method. 

In addition, the available templates are sometimes not search engine friendly like custom website design , difficult to bring personal colors as desired. If the interface is old, they may be buggy or slow in some operations and features. 

In general, the choice of any form of website design depends on many factors such as funding, level of requirements, level of need… So please consider carefully. However, custom website design can be more expensive initially, but the stability and long-term effectiveness in terms of operation and cost are undeniable.

The importance of custom web design

A really creative design

A website designed with an exclusive interface is a way to make a deeper impression on customers, especially not to be confused with other brands. Websites are designed according to requirements, operate effectively, and optimize the customer experience when accessing, which will be remembered longer. From a great website experience, customers can evaluate your brand more professionally than other agencies. How to affirm the brand and gain a competitive advantage in the market is always a concern of all businesses. Website is the face of your brand in the online environment, so investing in custom website design and ensuring all elements are consistent with your brand identity is inevitable. 

Factors that make a difference for businesses when designing a website include:

  •     Exclusively designed website interface
  •     Using colors, logos in sync with the brand
  •     Functional structure is programmed separately, bearing the brand’s signature
  •     Most importantly: the website must really represent your business, show how it works, your strengths and weaknesses, and the information your customers want to learn.

Unique brand identity

Unique means unique. No one can judge it for better or worse. The identity set on the website is not only colors, logos, slogans, but it is also reflected in the web interface design and first of all, the homepage. Every movement on the homepage has a purpose. How the layout is distributed must also achieve the purpose and let the user comfortably use.

Really useful features

Each business has different business characteristics, even if they provide the same product/service. The custom website design will be based on those characteristics to help businesses operate smoothly and give customers the most comfortable and convenient business web experience. That creates a good effect for the business of the enterprise.

Effective savings in the long run

Although compared to pre-made web design, custom web design always costs more and more time. But in return, businesses will get larger profits, easily upgrade without having to replace, can edit their website as they please, and all for very little or no cost.

What is a standard website design?

A beautiful website interface is the key to keeping customers visiting the website. Almost every business wants to decorate its store beautifully to attract more customers, the same goes for the website. However, a website not only needs to be beautiful, but also needs the following elements:

Website design service according to reputable requirements

If you want to have a standard sales website, the first thing a business needs to do is choose a reputable website design service. Please limit the choice of cheap web design packages on demand , because you may encounter some problems such as:

  •     In the process of using, if there is an error, you will not be supported to repair or upgrade in time.
  •     The low price website security is not high, which can lead to information being stolen.
  •     There have been many cheap themes with Link Spam attached bluff. Often small web design companies will take advantage of making a few hidden links on your Website to serve their certain needs.


So how to choose a reputable web design company? Before starting to decide on a web development partner, you should visit their website to see if their product is beautiful, suitable for your needs or not. Also see customer reviews about that company, check their development history, address, size, customer base and care.

Nice interface

The beautiful website interface is an overall good combination of images, fonts, layout, colors… Usually, the website design unit will receive the desired requirements from the business, close the request. requirements, layout and then hand over the design. After the two sides finalize the design plan, the website will be completed and put into operation. 

Therefore, businesses only need to do well at the stage of requesting and approving the design. In case after operation but still not satisfied, remember to review the image standards, character length … and fine-tune accordingly.

Page load speed no more than 3 seconds

Quality website, the page loading speed must be fast. If the website is slow to respond, causing customers to wait a long time, they will quickly move to another website. According to current standards, the page load speed should not exceed 3 seconds.

Smart navigation, easy operation

Similar to a real-life store, a website also needs to be arranged properly. There are clear instructions for customers to easily find the products they want. To do that, businesses need to divide categories and products that are easy to understand. 

There are many different categories of categories in the form of Horizontal Menu, Vertical Menu, Mega Menu… In each Menu, there will be many levels of Menu from large to small. The more detailed the Menu level, the easier it is for customers to grasp the information in the website.

SEO optimized, search engine friendly

SEO-friendly web design, friendly with search engines, doing SEO later will be less difficult and less expensive. Accordingly, the chance of keywords to the Top will be higher than competitors and the business will dominate the market.

Optimize display on all devices

A business website is considered beautiful when it ensures compatible display on all different devices such as Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, etc. This will make the user’s surfing experience and manipulation easy. and more convenient.

SSL Security Support

If the website is not secure, hackers can easily steal business information such as customer information, source of goods, goods status, etc., within a single note. This can have very serious consequences. Therefore, the sales website needs to be equipped with security barriers such as international standard HTTPS and SSL.

Easy to use

A beautiful business website design is not enough, it needs to be easy to use as well. If a business buys a cheap website copied from any site, the management later will be very difficult. When you want to change a line of text, a phone number, or any image without knowing where it is, it will be very annoying and time consuming. When starting to work with the website’s management system, businesses need a support person until they fully grasp the structure of the website and can manipulate it themselves on the Web.


In addition, when considering an external interface, businesses need to ask clearly which parts are editable and which are not. If you can’t change it to your liking, you can redirect or request additional editing in the admin, it’s your option.

Website interface suitable for industry and purpose of use

The website interface needs to be close to the industry and the purpose of use that the business is aiming for. This is very important because it will reduce the cost of customization later. There are many cases where the costs incurred in operating the website are greater than the money spent to buy a pre-made template.

Tech Town – A reputable on-demand web design partner

custom website design companies . Through finished products, completed earlier or on time as committed, with tight support and warranty, Tech Town has become a trusted web design company in Ho Chi Minh City. of many large domestic and foreign partners such as: QTS Australia, Nedcoffee Vietnam, Bliss Bank, Trung Thuy Group, Revollet International Limited, Bookmarkx,… 

Tech Town’s engineers are proficient in many web programming languages such as Ruby (Ruby on Rails), React Native, Javascript, CSS, etc. Applying the latest and most modern technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, AR and many more Other technologies to bring businesses website products with beautiful and professional interfaces, are the basis for customers to appreciate and trust more about the business.


In the implementation work, we always put the customer’s requirements first, create a website with a beautiful and user-friendly interface, easy to use, integrated with a content management system (CSM) to help Enterprises more convenient in publishing or editing content, linking with e-commerce system (e-commerce), customer relationship management system (CRM) if required. 

In addition, the SEO factor in the customer’s website is also focused by us, helping businesses increase awareness for customers and achieve high performance in the online market. 

Moreover, the website we design must be optimized on both computer and mobile platforms (Android and IOS), synchronized between the two platforms, stable operation, fast loading speed, helping to increase increase customer traffic to the website.

The process of web design services on demand at Tech Town

When you choose a service package at Tech Town, we will provide a solution for the entire process of building your website, all you need to do is monitor the project progress and give your opinions to complete the website according to the requirements of use, the rest, you can rest assured because we will complete the work. In more detail, Tech Town’s on-demand web design services include the following services:

Consulting and providing suitable hosting (VPS) and domain names:

To own a website, you need to choose a hosting package as well as a domain name suitable for your brand or business day, people often choose hosting packages even VPS with high prices, powerful server configuration because I think it will help the website “run faster”, but the loading of the web depends on many other factors, not just hosting, so you just need to choose the hosting with the right price if you need to use it. not tall.

Web design with its own interface or suitable template suggestions:

Tech Town has a rich repository of website templates available, with many website templates for many fields for businesses to choose from, then we will help you customize the template to suit your business requirements. Karma. If you want to design a unique interface, Tech Town’s designers will be ready to design it on demand, building a completely new interface.

Programming interface and features:

After completing the interface on the design tools and reporting to the customer, we will proceed to program the interface, and code additional features as required by the business. Completing the website and running it on a demo server, testers will coordinate with customers with feedback to fix unfinished problems.

Run website on actual hosting:

After the website is completed, we will let the website run on actual hosting, attach a domain name, so the website is complete, customers will be guided on how to edit the content on the web, operate the website. effectively and efficiently.

Optimizing SEO for the website:

Not only web design package , we also support website SEO services, help promote website rankings on search engines, help newly created websites quickly reach users and create immediate advantages. ie for business.

Maintenance and upgrade consulting

Unlike other services, after completing the project, Tech Town continues to monitor, regularly maintain and advise on future upgrades. Errors arising from the web system or the server are supported to fix quickly and completely free of charge. 

Contact us if your business has any technological challenges



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