Tech Town Technology Company – “Converting” ideas into software products

Tech Town is a technology company from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with representative offices in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, specializes in implementing custom software development projects with the application of the most modern technology techniques such as AI, Machine Learning,v  Blockchain… For more than 4 years of operation, Tech Town has become a reputable IT outsourcing partner. trusted by startups and enterprises from many countries around the world such as the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, the UK and other developed countries.

Founded by Experienced

Technologists Tech Town was founded by a group of passionate, highly qualified and experienced software engineers and designers in the IT industry, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City – the most developed and dynamic city in Vietnam, is also the country ranked 6th most attractive country for global outsourcing (According to consulting firm AT Kearney).


Tech Town’s team of programming engineers are elite people, coming from leading technology companies, proficient in many programming languages ​​such as: Ruby on Rails, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python, .. . with a broad understanding of the market thanks to experience in implementing projects for businesses from many fields and countries. Tech Town engineers have a knack for developing custom software for startups and enterprises, contributing to accelerating the progress of digital transformation and increasing business efficiency for their partners.

Trusted custom software developer

Tech Town has over 4 years of experience in custom software development projects, trusted for high product perfection, reasonable cost, and real-time performed and handed over earlier or on schedule. Partners come to Tech Town because of its prestige and professional and transparent project implementation process and dedicated warranty even after the product is handed over. 


Custom software products developed by Tech Town include business management applications, human resources, goods, buildings, ..; a website to introduce businesses and sales; e-commerce platform, web apps, compatible on PC, tablet and mobile platforms (iOS, Android) with full functions to meet the basic to complex needs of startups and enterprises. The goal of Tech Town’s project is to develop software that meets the requirements, meets the needs of target users and helps partners increase revenue, affirm their position in the market and save money. significant management costs, personnel and many other risks.


During 4 years of operation, Tech Town has cooperated with startups and enterprises from many fields such as: Finance, Retail, E-commerce, Health, Education, and Entertainment,… With considerable experience and understanding of the multi-sector market, ready to bring the most suitable technology solutions for startups and enterprises. With the motto of putting users at the center, customized software products developed by Tech Town always have friendly UI, intuitive UX, smooth operation and absolute security system.

Turning ideas into complete software products

Tech Town is proud to be the company that accompanies startups and enterprises from when a technology project is just an idea to the completion of a complete product and contributes to the success of the company. partner.


The process of realizing Tech Town’s ideas includes the following steps:

  • Discussion and planning: Concept survey, requirements analysis, target market research, status assessment, process setting and necessary technological infrastructure.
  • Create prototypes for products and wireframes: With analytical documents, Tech Town proceeds to design prototypes and wireframes for products.
  • Assemble a team: Tech Town selects the right elements for the project requirements including Project managers, data analysts, programming engineers, testers, designers, and technical support, ..)
  • development MVP: Build an MVP product with core features and an intuitive and engaging UX/UI.
  • Complete product development: From the MVP, Tech Town does the programming, builds the layout of the sections, receives feedback and edits according to the partner’s requirements.
  • Test: Conduct testing and fix errors if any.
  • Maintenance and support: After handing over the project, Tech Town continues to regularly monitor, perform maintenance and advise on future upgrades and expansions.


Through finished products, completed earlier or on time as committed, with tight support and warranty, Tech Town has become the outsourcing solution of many major domestic and foreign partners. countries such as: QTS Australia, Nedcoffee Vietnam, Bliss Bank, Trung Thuy Group, Revollet International Limited, R-point, Bookmarks, Rev Capital Fund,… 


“I am very impressed with Tech Town’s professionalism and dedicated support. . You have provided a suitable application for our business, making us more productive and easy to manage. We will definitely choose Tech Town for upcoming projects in the future” – Comment from Mr. Nguyen Phu Hai – Representative of Nedcoffee – Coffee company from the Netherlands.


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