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The 6 most obvious benefits of custom software development for startups

Custom software is a powerful assistant for your business operations. “Customization” is the will of startups, which is a limitation of the available software, but for custom software product development, it is a strength. It is a flexible, scalable solution that helps increase sales at a reduced cost in the long run, promoting a high competitive advantage for startups. Let’s go into detail with Tech Town.

How is custom software?

Custom software, also known as tailor-made software, custom programs or specialized software, is software created for an individual or business to perform specific tasks according to its requirements. . This product is different from software that is commercially available or developed for the mass market.

Custom software development is the process of designing, implementing, and maintaining software products. The function of these software products is to meet specific customer needs. Therefore, this software product is applicable to specific and rather narrow fields, providing solutions that address the most complex needs in these fields. It helps startups get exactly what they need.

Examples of a few areas that benefit the most from custom software:

●     Online banking.

●     Health care.

●     Finance.

6 benefits of custom software development for startups

The 6 most obvious benefits of custom software development for StartUps

1.  Meet specific requirements and needs

Each startup solves the specific needs of customers, or provides users with specific functions that competitors cannot find. Custom software development is the most useful solution for startups, it not only has the right features as required, but also the most suitable product because it considers the good points and potential risks for the startup. startups. That’s why many businesses choose a custom software development solution.

The most important thing is that startups need to define the requirements of the product. If there is no way to maximize those requirements, then custom software development is the best choice of startups.

2.  Effective budget saving

Most people believe that it is much cheaper to use an off-the-shelf software than to develop custom software in the first place. However, in the long run, custom software development is the best choice, because it helps startups save time and money in a reasonable way. Startups can build the most needed features, eliminating unnecessary features that can cost extra.

When deciding to develop software, consider whether your startups require all the features found in commercially available software. Sure, there will be some features that startups never use, while there are not really necessary features.

Another point to note is that commercially available software often has a licensing fee. Depending on the provider, it could be a monthly or yearly tax. That means the initial cost may be low, but it will increase over time.

As a startup owner, custom software development is the smartest investment because the product is designed according to the requirements and goals, saving money in the long run. In addition, custom software can be easily upgraded, adding new functions when startups decide to scale.

3.  Add extras as needed

The available software does not always provide startups with all the necessary functionality, and that will be a real problem in the future. Because as your startups grow, so does the demand. The custom software development process gives startups more choice.

Startups do not have to be limited by the features provided by the available software, developing custom user-oriented software is a more flexible and efficient approach. Startups can see these benefits in terms of the long-term outlook.

4.  Automate manual operations

When startups decide to scale, the number and complexity of operations also increases. Manual actions may no longer be effective for your company’s workflow, it’s time to consider automation.

It is the right idea, it saves time and costs, and improves labor productivity in the long run. Custom software is customized to the specific needs of startups, which can both manage processes within the company, strengthen the connection of departments, manage business operations, accounting or finance.

5.  Data security

The number of data attacks is increasing day by day, hackers will want to take advantage of loose and vulnerable enterprise systems. More specifically, they want to steal intellectual property, personal data, credit card passwords, etc.

That takes a toll on both startup owners and customers, from loss of money to damage to reputation. According to Statista – A company specializing in markets and consumer data, the most targeted industries are finance, manufacturing and healthcare.

Custom software is an effective solution to prevent hacker attacks. It’s very difficult for them to do that because the custom software is not publicly accessible, equipped with security codes and specialized encryption. These technologies make your software very secure.

Ready-made software is more vulnerable and of course requires very little effort to hack. Because available software solutions are often developed for widespread use, open source code is more vulnerable to hacking than custom software.

As can be seen, custom software development is very important for startups, professional developers can analyze risks, apply standards and best practices, and provide startups with a product that is recognized by the industry. Unique design with high security.

6.  Technical support and improvements

As your startup grows, so does the software. And with custom software, startup owners can always ask developers to add desired features.

When choosing an available solution, startups will be dependent on the company that developed the platform and the price they offer. Startups also cannot renew quickly, because there may be additional fees.

Working with custom software developers increases performance and makes operations as smooth as possible. Besides, when having problems with their software, startups can be completely solved in a short time.

In a nutshell, custom software development companies are always responsible for managing and upgrading your product. They work hard to make it a great and performant piece of software. Tech Town thinks this is exactly what startups want.


Custom software created to serve exactly the specific needs and requirements of a startup, choosing this solution will help your startups get exactly what you want from your software project.

If you want to own a unique software product, tailor-made solutions that scale and adapt to the project progress of startups, then choosing custom software development for startups will be an option. Great choice, it’s a smart long term investment for your startups.

If you are looking for a custom software development partner, provide you with the right solution with fast, affordable and reliable project execution. Tech Town is ready to be your companion. Because we have more than 4 years of experience in developing custom software for startups from many countries such as the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan… Participating in many multi-field projects such as: Finance, Education, E-commerce, Games and entertainment…

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