Things businesses need to know about HR outsourcing services

Things businesses need to know about HR outsourcing services

Outsourcing outsourcing is becoming a global trend, and Vietnam is one of the countries with strong growth in this industry. The reason is because Vietnam possesses very high quality human resources, ranking 6th in the world in terms of outsourcing . Because of that, high-quality IT staffing services in Vietnam are being exploited by many businesses to solve their IT recruitment problem. Join Tech Town to learn about IT outsourcing services in this article.

Outsourcing ?

Outsourcing is a form of using external resources to perform the work of an enterprise, instead of organizing personnel to perform those tasks. Outsourcing is an option to transfer work to a service provider of higher quality and expertise.


According to statistics from Deloitte’s survey on professional IT outsourcing with large enterprises in the US, Europe and Asia spanning 25 different fields, up to 58% of businesses after outsourcing services IT has increased the quality of products and services, 44% of businesses have cut shipping costs, 38% of businesses have improved user experience, and 31% of businesses have increased revenue.

Why businesses choose outsourcing?

There are many reasons why businesses choose to outsource some work in the IT field, the most common reasons are:

Effective cost saving

We will take a practical example, when hiring a separate IT staff for a business, in addition to salary costs, businesses also have to pay many other expenses such as:

      Monthly insurance.

      Rewards and allowances.

      Welfare regime (birthday, periodical health check, travel …)

      Working equipment (computers, stationery, …)

      Training costs.

      Recruitment cost.

HR outsourcing services , businesses only need to pay a moderate, fixed monthly fee without incurring any additional personnel related costs.

Make full use of human resources

We will put 2 problems for internal personnel. First, in case the system operates stably, with few incidents, IT staff often have few jobs, leading to passive behavior or even the desire to change jobs, leading to cost and time loss in recruitment. use and training of enterprises. Second, in case the system encounters many major problems, it is possible that the IT staff is not qualified or cannot solve it in a timely manner.


outsourcing service , businesses can use IT personnel according to their needs such as periodic maintenance or need support / advice from a team of experienced experts when needed.

Focus on the main tasks

When outsourcing professional IT personnel, businesses can focus their time on the main task to generate revenue rather than having to worry about the tasks of managing and training IT personnel.


If you have an in-house IT team, your team can focus on more important tasks.

Increase competitive advantage

Most startups or small and medium enterprises have little financial capacity to maintain a highly qualified internal IT team like large companies. Using outsourced IT personnel will help businesses get professional IT services at a significantly lower cost, thereby increasing their competitive advantage over competitors by concentrating resources on their core business. me.

Scientific working process

Outsourcing companies in Vietnam like Tech Town will provide businesses with streamlined workflow to save time. Because IT outsourcing service providers like us have many years of experience in implementing many technology projects for multinational partners – multi-field, proficient in the most scientific working processes to solve problems. Solve problems quickly, help businesses speed up the business process.

Rapidly deploying new technology

When there is a need to deploy a software project or apply a new technology, most businesses will take a lot of time to hire the right IT staff they need.


But for personnel outsourced from a professional technology company, they will have enough resources and experience to start the project immediately, effectively saving time and money lost when deployed incorrectly. .

Risk reduction

Market issues, industry regulations, financial conditions, and technology all change rapidly. With highly specialized knowledge, especially understanding of industry regulations, compliance and security, Tech Town assumes and shares most of these risks for businesses.


However, these reasons are not enough to guarantee a successful outsourcing performance, we need to consider some of the necessary requirements for successful outsourcing.

Necessary requirements for successful outsourcing

the past, businesses chose to outsource services to save costs or reduce personnel. Currently, administrators have a more strategic view of outsourced human resource services . Accordingly, they focus on carrying out activities that bring value, help businesses focus and take advantage of inherent competitive advantages in the market.


To outsource successfully, businesses need:

  •     Make your business goals clear.
  •     Overall vision and strategy.
  •     Main product of the enterprise.
  •     Relationship management.
  •     Make strong commitments and contracts.
  •     Expand relationships with stakeholders.
  •     The intervention and support of experienced administrators.
  •     Pay attention to personnel issues.
  •     Short-term financial proof.
  •     Let’s dig deeper into two of the above requirements: expanding relationships and the support of experienced administrators.

Advantages when choosing IT staffing service at Tech Town

Tech Town has more than 4 years of experience in the field of software outsourcing and exporting software to the US, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore,… Our representative offices are in the US, Canada. , the Netherlands and soon Japan is an affirmation of the brand and the trust of our partners to us.


Engineers at Tech Town are all experienced and highly qualified, come from leading technology companies, proficient in many programming languages such as: Ruby on Rail, PHP, Python, Java,… many latest technologies such as Blockchain, AI, machine learning,…


Our team supports to handle problems and questions of partners anytime, anywhere, is committed to project information security and continues to monitor the project for timely maintenance or extended consultation if partners in need.

Contact us if you have any technical questions.



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