Today, the SaaS industry is on the rise. According to research, 80% of businesses today are using at least one SaaS application. So building a SaaS startup is a good idea right now. Of course, you need to find inspiration about successful companies in this field. This Tech Town article will take as an example of 10 SaaS startups that you can learn from.

  •     Type of SaaS: Food delivery.
  •     Established: 2020.
  •     Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, USA.
  •     Managing Director: Arsen Stepanyan.

 According to statistics, 60% of Americans have a need to order food delivery and 31% use third-party food apps at least twice a week. helps restaurants benefit from this. integrates popular delivery services into the system, allowing restaurant owners to manage all menus and incoming orders with just one device. With this service, users can also easily create their own smart ordering website. is one of the most successful SaaS startups because their idea helps restaurants promptly adapt to today’s new food market.

Working Den

  •     Type of SaaS: Healthcare at home.
  •     Established: 2020.
  •     Headquarters: London, UK.
  •     Managing Director: Daniel Hall.

 Remote working is the current trend. Major surveys show that 98% of commuters agree to continue working remotely from now on for the rest of their careers. On top of that, Working Den is a promising SaaS startup to help users stay healthy while working from home.

 WorkingDen provides a sophisticated solution to monitor and maintain the physical and mental health of its users. In particular, it has tools to protect eyesight, avoid depression and even help keep fit.

 These features are packed in one place, making Working Den one of the best SaaS startups among similar companies today.


  •     Type of SaaS: Online learning platform.
  •     Established: 2019.
  •     Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA.
  •     CEO: Ish Baid.

 Virtually is a platform that provides all a student needs for online learning. It has student management tools, a variety of chat options, and simple payment processing. In Virtually, users can organize any type of program online, from classes to training camps,…

 Virtually is fully customizable, users are free to choose branding, custom domains or color schemes to their liking. Virtually is a comprehensive solution for today’s online schools. To date, the startup has raised $1.9 million through seed investments.


  •     Type of SaaS: Platform to optimize work productivity.
  •     Established: 2017.
  •     Headquarters: San Diego, California, USA.
  •     CEO: Zeb Evans.

 ClickUp is a prime example of a SaaS startup that optimizes an organization’s teamwork. It brings a set of tools for task management, processes, and team collaboration in one platform. Furthermore, it integrates with other popular productivity platforms like Slack, GitHub, or Dropbox.

 ClickUp has many options for customizing an individual’s workflow. Users can add custom fields, status, notifications, and edit the workspace in their own way. The combination of diverse tasks and great experiences makes ClickUp one of the most successful SaaS startups in the field. They have successfully raised $537.5 million in seed funding to date.


  •     Type of SaaS: Automate conversion tracking.
  •     Established: 2019.
  •     Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
  •     Managing Director: Sherif Ali.

 Funnell is a platform to track conversions and streamline marketing campaigns. No coding required, it links ad accounts with analytics tools like Google, Facebook or Slack and shares customer activity data.

 Funnell also has the option to visualize the customer journey, so the company can promptly recognize the gaps in its campaigns and identify what is beneficial or unhelpful among them.

 Helping you keep an eye on the ball, Funnell is one of the best SaaS startups to prevent incurring marketing costs. So far, they have raised $75,000 through seed investment.


  •     Type of SaaS: Automated commission calculation.
  •     Established: 2020.
  •     Head office: Paris, France.
  •     Managing Director: Antoine Fort.

 Qobra is a promising SaaS startup that helps companies automate their sales commission calculations. The company can set counting rules, manage disputes and control the approval process through this service. In addition, Qobra is integrated with dashboards about individual awards for members of the sales team.

 The platform also proves useful for strategic planning. With Qobra, the company can forecast future revenue based on the compensation plan.

 The great mix of tools for operational and strategic purposes has made Qobra one of the leading SaaS startups. So far, they have received a seed investment of €100,000.


  •     Type of SaaS: Sales Automation
  •     Established: 2019.
  •     Headquarters: Kirkland, Washington, United States.
  •     CEO: Ran Oelgiesser.


RightBound is an all-in-one SaaS company that optimizes sales. It automates customer research, segmentation, and omnichannel outreach to a company’s potential customers.


RightBound has special tools to optimize the work of the company’s sales agents. It gives them real-time notifications about lead engagement stages, past customer information, and individual tracking rules.

 Since RightBound powers the majority of conventional sales, that makes them one of the most successful SaaS startups in the field. They have also received $12 million through seed investment to date.


  •     Type of SaaS: Voice Message Service
  •     Established: 2019.
  •     Headquarters: Kissimmee, Florida, USA.
  •     CEO: Justin Mitchell.

 Yac is a platform for voice communication in groups. It allows users to shorten calls by voice messages with asynchronous screen sharing for all members. In addition, Yac has a recording search feature to help users find the required messages quickly.

 This brilliant solution for teams in different time zones makes Yac one of the most successful SaaS startups in the field. On top of that, they’ve got $11 million through seed investment.


  •     SaaS Products: Marketplace of Cryptocurrencies.
  •     Established: 2017.
  •     Headquarters: New York, USA.
  •     CEO: Devin Finzer.


OpenSea is the first and largest two-sided marketplace for crypto items. Here, users can sell and buy crypto assets such as game items, digital artwork, or domains.

 This SaaS platform is scaling rapidly. Currently, it has over 12 million digital items, 90,000 ETH trading volume, and 700,000 asset classes. As the game market is growing, OpenSea also continues to grow.

 The rapid expansion and unique ideas of the founders have made OpenSea one of the top SaaS startups to date. The total amount of funding they have is 127.2 million dollars.


  •     Type of SaaS: Low-code development automation.
  •     Established: 2017.
  •     Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, USA.
  •     CEO: Max Rudman.

 Proudly is a perfect example of a SaaS startup that helps create and release apps faster. Their AppOpps platform automates low-code development, allowing non-IT engineers to configure the application and eliminate choke points. In fact, it makes applications more agile and saves time compared to manual coding.

 Forrester Research reports that the total market for low-code development platforms will reach $21.2 billion by 2022. That means that Prodly really makes fast-developing and viable products. word now.

 Prodly’s SaaS product idea quickly made them one of the most successful SaaS startups of 2021. Additionally, they’ve raised $17 million through seed investments to date.


As you can see, today’s trendy SaaS services vary greatly. You can think of great SaaS products for different areas: From healthcare apps to productivity tools.

 Tech Town hopes our list of successful SaaS startups will give you more motivation and ideas to start your own project to develop the best SaaS product. When startups have a great idea, Tech Town is pleased to help you.

 Tech Town knows how to turn your SaaS idea into reality. 

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