SMEs often face a number of challenges when it comes to technology. These challenges can range from simple (e.g. cash flow) to technical (e.g. IT infrastructure). This article by Tech Town will explore with you the 10 most useful technology services for SMEs that address these challenges and provide the right solutions to them.

SMEs often tend to choose cheaper technology services only to end up paying more for maintaining some services rather than using a comprehensive service that fulfills most of their requirements. Most of the services listed below offer free trials so that users can familiarize themselves with the platform before investing.

1. Tech Town (Custom Software Development Solution)

Tech Town is a Vietnamese technology company specializing in providing technology solutions with the application of the most modern technology techniques such as Blockchain, AI, and machine learning. Tech Town has more than 5 years of experience in developing software on demand, especially applications for business management, human resources, buildings, and goods,… that work smoothly on computer platforms. and mobile (Android and IOS) with full functions to make it easier for administrators to control and cover the situation and above all, save significant costs of hiring management personnel, at the same time save money. Time is also more secure because of 100% accuracy, and no worries about loss and loss problems, which are essential factors for SMEs.

Tech Town’s custom software development service can be involved in any stage of the product lifecycle, from concept sketching, prototype development, MVP building, new features development, and product creation of finished products to establishing an oversea development center (ODC), providing professional CTO and technology consulting.


During more than 5 years of operation, Tech Town has received trust from major international partners from many countries around the world such as the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Singapore. Products upon handover are always completed with care and achieved high efficiency in operation, affordable costs, and tight support and warranty regime, exceeding the requirements of SME business owners.

2. Slack (Internal Communication)

Slack is a network of services that connects like-minded individuals who want to find solutions to common problems in the workplace. Services focus on building teams, not individual relationships. Some of the services include a Slack app, messaging, notifications, a live chat service, and integration with other popular services like Google Drive and Dropbox. In addition to these services, your business also has access to events, groups, channels, and screen-sharing services for your business communication needs.

The service is free to use with limited features for up to 10 users and a limit of messages sent per day. If your business needs more than its allocated number of messages or users, it is possible to upgrade the service, but most SMEs will not need this. The most popular alternative is Microsoft Teams, which is suitable for companies with more employees and generating enough revenue to deploy the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem

3. Zoom (Video conferencing)

Zoom is a service Video conferencing for computers, tablets, and smartphones that lets you collaborate with colleagues and customers. Services are secure, secure, and available at the touch of a button. Zoom can be used with any device with an internet connection, and it’s simple for meetings or trips abroad. These services are also compatible with Slack services (mentioned above). Bloomberg Businessweek has confirmed it as one of the top services to use for business communications.

Zoom’s available services are subscription able on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, including free services for up to three meetings per month, and a fee of $129 per user on an annual contract. . Your business can also upgrade the service to a more advanced features like Zoom Rooms (multi-user video meetings), custom URLs, call services and more.

4. Zapier (Automation)

Zapier’s services allow users to automate their workflow with integrations with the platform. With Zapier services, your business can connect services from different companies and have them work together. For example, the salesperson tracking dashboard can be integrated with Slack’s chat services, where information is shared in real-time for easy real-time lead and conversion tracking. easier. Plus, it integrates with services from more than 1500 companies your business uses, such as Google, Evernote,…

Zapier services start at free for 15 connections, but you can customize your free services or pay for premium services with extra features. These services are relatively new, but they could become more valuable in the future depending on how widely used they are in the market.

5. Canva (Design)

Canva helps users to create professional designs and graphics with only limited design knowledge. Canva gives you access to over 1 million customizable templates and over 1 billion photos. These services also offer a variety of templates for different types of businesses, such as social media marketing, branding, graphic design, and email newsletters.

The services get started for free. charges for the basic plan but will require payment for advanced features like uploading .eps or .dxf files or exporting larger images in different formats like JPEG and PNG. Your business may also need paid services to work with premium elements and design services. Canva is a product used by novices as well as professionals, making it one of the first services to be rolled out to any type of business.

6. Hubspot (Customer Relationship Management)

Services provided by Hubspot include a marketing hub, sales hub, service hub, CMS hub, and operations hub. These services are suitable for businesses of all types and sizes that want to grow and build brand awareness. Hubspot has helped more than 121,000 businesses in over 120 countries manage and grow their marketing teams from one unified portal.

With Hubspot offering so many services, pricing can be a bit complicated. Businesses can choose a bundle plan that combines multiple Hubspot services and is delivered as tiers that can be selected based on the size and requirements of the business. They also allow the purchase of packages with individual services divided into several levels for businesses looking for lighter marketing support.

7. Hootsuite (Social Media Management)

Hootsuite allows users to monitor and manage their social media accounts from a single centralized dashboard. These include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and Pinterest. As a result, businesses can easily schedule posts, manage social media, and interact with their customers. Your business can also monitor your feed and respond to any mentions or requests sent your way.

Services start at $29 per month for Hootsuite Pro, giving your business access to analytics, social listening, chat marketing, and more. There is also a free service that limits the number of accounts you can follow at a time, but it should be enough to give you an idea of ​​the platform and its benefits to your business. friend.

8. Mailchimp (Email marketing)

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing service for businesses and SMEs. With Mailchimp, users can design emails and send them to customers with just one click. In addition, users can set up a flow for emails so that they are sent automatically based on customer preferences, or track when customers open their emails.

The Mailchimp service starts at $10 per month with no long-term commitment, which is great for SMEs looking to try out their service before committing. Extending the service is also easy as Mailchimp services start from one account but allow you to add more accounts if needed. Mailchimp’s built-in tools combine and streamline your outbound marketing efforts.

9. WordPress (Building Websites)

WordPress is an open-source website hosting and management platform that underpins more than 50% of the existing websites on the internet. WordPress offers an extensible drag-and-drop website builder that SMEs can take advantage of without spending resources on website development.

WordPress services start at $10 per month, which may sound expensive at first, but it includes unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and premium support, all of which are crucial for SMEs. In addition, the subscription comes with payment collection, advanced SEO tools, automatic website backup, premium design for online store, integration with shipping providers, access to access to 50,000 premium plugins,…

10. Freshbooks (Accounting software)

FreshBooks provides invoicing services for businesses of all sizes. With FreshBooks, your business can invoice customers with just one click and they are also billed automatically. FreshBooks also provides services for administrative-accounting such as supplier relationship management and expense tracking.

The FreshBooks service starts at $15 per month and there are also some great deals offered within the service that make it easy to upgrade to higher plans without spending too much money at once. All in all, FreshBooks offers many valuable services in a single platform and would be a great choice for most businesses.

Tech Town hopes the information brought above will be useful for your business.

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