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VR space to connect teams, collaborate and develop ideas together. Wherever you are, you can meet colleagues right in our virtual meeting room.

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Make remote meetings closer than ever


Choose an avatar to join the meeting. You can customize the avatar with different body shapes, hairstyles, clothes, ... to become more new when meeting each other.


Participate in presentations or organize a presentation by presenting slides on a virtual screen.


Chat or discuss face-to-face with many other colleagues.

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Why you should choose our platform


Our virtual meeting room platform works well on: VR headsets, laptops, PCs and smartphones

No installation required

Our platform is browser-based and does not require meeting attendees/guests to install the app

Optimal interaction

Extract files from your device into 3D projections, work with objects without limits, and switch seats or meeting room spaces in a snap.

Enhance creativity

Drag and drop content anywhere you want, create 3D mind maps using different types of media files of different formats (images, videos, PDFs)

Inspiring workspace

We design private virtual meeting rooms for specific types of meetings with beautiful room spaces, inspiring settings. You can narrow or enlarge it to your liking.

Absolute security

Our platform guarantees enterprise-class data privacy and security.

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Choose a meeting room space for your team

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