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Tech Town provides AR & VR application development services for businesses, optimizes content delivery with immersive technologies, enhances the performance of decentralized systems, enhances the customer experience and delight the next generation of users.

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Augmented and Mixed Reality Applications

Our Augmented Reality app development team uses markers, location data, and SLAM to merge content into a camera feed of a smartphone or HMD. We create apps capable of:  Recognizing objects, facial features, and gestures Augmenting maps and images with contextual data Changing superimposed graphic elements based on sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS data


Industry-specific AR and VR Solutions

In-store Engagement

  • Virtual try-ons and showrooms, interactive kiosks, AR catalog apps, and in-store navigation solutions for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Remote Assistance

Industrial Augmented Reality application development services for equipment maintenance, quality control, smooth production, warehouse operations, and remote customer service.

Employee Training

On-the-job education through the interactive simulation of workflow operations (equipment assembly, software installation, medical treatment).

Virtual Tours

VR-based property tours for the real estate industry and virtual travel experiences (hotel tours, travel information, holiday booking interfaces).

Immersive Entertainment

AR and VR games for mobile devices and headsets, WebRTC solutions for popular browsers, multi-layer video streaming, and photo editing apps.


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