Website design selling professional automobile, class, bring high business efficiency

The automobile business market in Vietnam is still very active in all segments from affordable to high-end. But if you focus only on showrooms, businesses may miss out on reaching millions of customers from the online market because up to 80% of consumers are always looking for information online before going to the place to buy a car. That’s why many car businesses already own their own professional websites.

The advantages of designing a website to sell cars

Reaching many customers, closing many contracts

Owning a car website will help businesses have the advantage when introducing product designs, promoting the brand quickly to consumers. It can be considered as a luxury online showroom for busy or distant customers.

Automotive web design with a smart interface and providing clear, intuitive product images will help businesses increase the number of customers who really need and increase the rate of contracting. At the same time, this professionalism also helps customers easily order online as well as businesses can provide home service.

Save marketing costs

Quality advertising costs in the field of automotive business are not small. The main website is an effective Lead Funnel for businesses, especially when integrating Automation marketing tools to exploit data.

Through the sales website, businesses have access to, chatting with customers with chatbot 24/7, collecting and storing customer information to plan for nourishing marketing campaigns, automatically sending Customer care messages once access the website, and serving the Remarketing campaign with extremely economical costs. This is a wise walk without any business to ignore!

Increase competitive advantage

Once all your competitors have developed an online store, there’s no reason why you should go backwards. The trend of automotive web design and expansion of online sales channels is really dominating in the 4.0 era. If you can’t keep up with this digital transformation flow, it will be difficult to compete with competitors.

Car sales websites reach potential customers through attractive campaigns, eye-catching images, engaging content, and creative advertising,… These factors help businesses score big points in the minds of consumers.

Free advertising tools

For dealers selling cars, the cost of renting premises and furniture has been extremely large, not to mention the cost of offline advertising.

Website is an effective advertising channel, helping businesses to improve the influence in the market and reach more potential customers. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of VND to hire expensive communication positions, businesses can completely put banner, write ads right on their own online store.

Build trust in customers

Up to 90% of customers believe that the website is a trusted information channel that they will spend a lot of time studying and learning before making a purchase decision. Accordingly, the automotive website also acts as an intuitive information page for them to understand their needs.

The truth is, there is no big brand, good business without owning the website in this technology age. Automotive website design will help businesses increase confidence in customers, affirming professionalism and raising brand positions.

Optimal in business market research

The website is the ideal tool to conduct customer surveys, thereby helping businesses better understand their customers, identify problems, what they want to develop products and implement appropriate marketing activities.

In addition, businesses can also go through the websites of competitors to research the market, analyze effectively and avoid mistakes that competitors have made.

24/7 Business

Showrooms may be closed at night, but customers are constantly searching for information where they are. The website helps businesses to pick up customers anytime, anywhere (24/7), use virtual personnel such as chatbots to communicate with customers, collect information and push to the right consultant.

According to statistics, businesses will miss out on up to 60% of customers if they do not own their own sales website.

Unlimited product information sharing

Every year, dozens of car models from all brands are launched, it is impossible to ignore upgraded, limited versions, price changes, promotional policies, product recall announcements,… The automotive website serves as an online news site that quickly updates automotive news for customers. The more useful the information, the more trust and reception from customers, the reputation of the business also increases.

Automotive Website Design Servive at Tech Town

Automotive website design service at Tech Town has anything different

As a technology company with a team of highly qualified engineers from Vietnam, Tech Town provides professional car website design services for businesses. The handover product always ensures that it meets the criteria:

Beautiful interface, compatible with all devices

Tech Town has a beautiful and trendy website interface store specifically for the field of vehicles and spare parts suitable for the automotive business. Plus, we can design or edit the interface based on your requirements. Responsive technology helps your car website display well on any device: Desktop, mobile or tablet.

Top security mechanisms

All information on the website is protected from the attack of viruses, hackers. Tech Town says no to all data breaches or financial losses. You also won’t experience a hang-up, slow page load,…

Smart, accurate reporting system

You can easily control all stages in the business process through the website’s dynamic reporting system. All data are reported, detailed analysis and flexibility over every day, month and year help you look up whenever.

Marketing support app store

Tech Town provides businesses with a huge inventory of applications for optimal service for the automotive business process such as live chat, business administration system (CRM), customer care application, contact form,… It makes business more efficient.T

Support and regular maintenance

Tech Town is always present at all times to support all your website problems, conduct maintenance when detecting errors. In addition, we always monitor the operating situation of the website and advise updates, upgrade to ensure that your website always has a beautiful, trendy image with the latest features.

Please contact us if you want to design your own professional automotive website.



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