We offer technology solutions for:

Idea-stage projects

Startups with prototypes

Growing startups

Small Businesses


We participate in digital product development at any stage

Why Work with Tech Town

We understand startups

We focus on understanding ideas and requirements from startups, tailoring our team to best meet requirements and deadlines, and being flexible and adaptable to changes in project

We don't just develop products

We also take on the role of a technology solution provider. So we want to understand your motivation, the obstacles you face, the final goal and then work with you to achieve the desired results.

We are experienced

Experience is our asset. Tech Town has cooperated and satisfied partners from many countries around the world such as: Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore.

Lifetime tech support

We always aim for a long-term relationship with our customers. That's why we promise all our customers a lifetime of maintenance and support after the product is delivered. Currently, we are still supporting many partners who have worked with us.


In cooperation activities, we always present the full process, stages, costs and arising, along with providing you with experts with many years of experience in our team.

Project Security Standards

Tech Town always adheres to its commitments in the confidentiality of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) as well as the project development process is also completely confidential according to ISO27001 standards. At the same time, we are always active in eliminating agents that can compromise product integrity and user experience.

What is the process of developing Tech Town apply

Our Portfolio


Tech Town is pleased to receive a website design project for InKrone Group - A collection of 8 leading business strategy consulting and human resource development companies in Japan, helping partners show their stature in front of customers, increasing the prestige and brand recognition for InKrone Group as well as its subsidiaries in the market.




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Mr. Kataoka Ryota

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